Feel Younger, Be Better

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Everyone wants to discover something that will turn back the hands of time and make them feel more youthful. Now, there’s a clinically proven all natural drink that may do just that.

The legend has been part of history, since the fifth century BC, when Herodotus mentioned a fountain with a very special kind of water, located in the land of the Ethiopians.  The legend grew during the time of Alexander the Great, and was the subject of several Gothic Art pieces throughout Europe.  It wasn’t until Juan Ponce de León sailed from Puerto Rico, in 1513, in search of the “Islands of Biminy” and explored Florida, that someone became forever attached to the Fountain of Youth.  Ponce de León never found that Fountain and its doubtful that it is anything more than a myth, but what if it isn’t?

We all want to feel younger and better and in 2009, Asma Ishaq combined her passion for health, beauty and social responsibility, along with degrees from Rice University and the University of California, set forth to create something truly unique and beneficial for everyone. What she eventually came up with, is Jusuru Life Blend™, pronounced JusOOru, the Japanese word for “Long Life”, a super-ingredient drink that’s been approved by Health Canada (NPN 80035861).

The primary active component in Jusuru Life Blend™ is BioCell Collagen®, a multi-patented joint and skin health nutraceutical that contains a naturally occurring matrix of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, and hydrolyzed collagen. What it has clinically proven to accomplish; by combining naturally occurring elements, it provides multi-dimensional, nutritional support that helps the body to more effectively maintain connective tissue health in crucial areas such as joints, skin and the cardiovascular system.

During 2011, a skin study was performed on women in their thirties to fifties, who had undergone both natural and photo-aging processes. The study showed that by taking 120 ml (4 fl. oz.) of Jusuru daily for 12 weeks, the subjects experienced almost complete reduction of dryness/scaling, as well as a substantial decrease in wrinkles and deep lines on their faces. Under the skin, Jusuru caused a significant increase in collagen in the dermis and a significant improvement in blood microcirculation. As a result, the majority of the study participants experienced improvement in hydration/scaling, skin texture, and elasticity/firmness as well as reduction of blotchiness/redness.

The following year results of a double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study demonstrating the benefits of BioCell Collagen’s ability to improve joint discomfort and overall quality of life was published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. In this study, 80 subjects received either one gram of BioCell Collagen or a placebo for 70 days.  The percentage of the subjects who experienced at least 30% improvement, was 40% in the BioCell Collagen group and only 3% in the placebo.

Even though the clinical evidence of the benefits of Jusuru is mounting, there’s nothing like hearing from satisfied consumers.

My osteopath was so amazed about the new elasticity of my skin & new, easier response of my cranial bones and spine! She was absolutely surprised and so delighted for me and my new health. I AM ALSO DELIGHTED with all of those positive changes in my body…it feels really good everyday!!! Kind regards. – H. W. Toronto ON

Once you’ve tried Jusuru you’ll want to spread the word.  To help you do that, Jusuru has a strong incentive program for you to grow a network of friends who use the product and for the month of March the enrollment is free.

If you want to feel younger when you look at yourself visit http://www.feelyoungerbebetter.com/cp/541 or contact your fellow Zoomer® Steve Dubin at [email protected] or call 416-229-0636