The World Celebrates Mandela Day on His 95th Birthday

July 18 is known as Mandela Day. On the world’s most famous political prisoner’s 95th birthday, supporters around the world celebrated Mandela’s life of struggle and perseverance for the greater good. Mandela is a hero to many. With challenges like poverty, corruption, crime and unemployment, South Africa continues to face adversity and looks to him as a symbol of hope.

In the clip above celebrity philanthropists like Richard Branson, Morgan Freeman and Bill Clinton pledge to take just 67 minutes – one minute for every year of Mandela’s fight for human rights and social justice – and make a positive impact on somebody’s life.

Branson shares in his blog on, “I for my part, will spend 67 minutes on July 18th mentoring a group of young entrepreneurs. But there is so much that we all can do,” and encourages readers to visit for further inspiration. Or, make your pledge to give your 67 minutes at