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One of Mexico’s most popular cultural and beach destinations, Puerto Vallarta is nestled in the Banderas Bay with 40 miles of coastline and diverse topography that includes tropical jungles, rocky riverbeds and steep mountainsides. Puerto Vallarta offers a quaint small-town lifestyle combined with modern infrastructure and services, year-round great weather and friendly locals; it is easy to see why Puerto Vallarta has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the most ideal destination for retirement.

As one of Mexico’s safest cities, Puerto Vallarta ranks higher in safety standards when compared to main North American cities. Puerto Vallarta is often listed as one of the top destinations to retire by leading travel and lifestyle publications including AARP, Zoomer, International Living and US News. The destination offers a variety of luxuries and comforts valued in a retirement destination including: accessibility from major hubs in the US and Canada, affordable homes, first class medical care facilities, a vibrant culinary and art scene, popular American franchises (Office Depot, Wal-Mart, Costco, Home Depot) and a growing international community.

Living Arrangements
Visitors looking to make the destination a full-time or part time home will find that Puerto Vallarta offers the highest level of comfort with many luxurious hotels offering top quality affordable timeshares for purchase. Home rentals for long periods of time and extended hotel stays are another option for those looking to move without purchasing property.

For those who enjoy being outdoors, Puerto Vallarta’s superb climate allows for year-round golfing, fishing, surfing, tennis, hiking, and swimming, among many other outdoor sports available in the area. The nearby town of El Tuito offers stunning architecture and folk dance classes for senior citizens in the town’s cultural center. To feel a little closer to nature, bird and whale watching as well as the opportunity to work with turtle sanctuaries are a fun and active way to enjoy the local surroundings. For those interested in an educational experience, Puerto Vallarta’s cultural center offers the opportunity to learn how to paint, play an instrument or engage in arts and crafts activities daily.

Along the stretch of the Malecón, the town’s boardwalk, there are galleries, restaurants, live music venues, bars and nightclubs offering something for every visitor. A complete renovation of the Malecón concluded in October 2011.

Puerto Vallarta is host to various dining options ranging from simpler fare to high-end gourmet. For the simpler fare, the city is home to sidewalk cafés, delis, fondas and cenadurías (small restaurants serving typical Mexican food).Those that are more adventurous can choose from traditional Mexican dishes such as Mole Negro, a chocolate and chili sauce served over breast of chicken or Birria, a spicy meat stew, served with corn tortillas. There are various food and wine Festivals throughout the year such as Restaurant Week held in May and Festival Gourmet every November. These events offer patrons with great dining and cultural opportunities with food prepared by award winning chefs and a great international turnout.