“Hot Painting in a Cold Climate”

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Jill Charuk, a Vancouver born Zoomer, shuns the cool greys and rainy blues of her hometown. Expressive use of reds and oranges attract clients looking for a burst of colour.

“The wetter and colder the weather gets on the West Coast the hotter and brighter I paint my landscapes. The colours I work with take me away from the cloudy skies of Vancouver and drop me into the heart of my scenes that flame with red trees and orange skies, purple shadows and turquoise water.”

Jill’s love of landscapes was developed through her many trips to the beautiful Okanagan Valley in BC. The rolling hills, the tidy orchards now giving way to vineyards and the gorgeous lake views have inspired her work. The snow-capped Coastal mountains of the coast make a cool backdrop for the bright colours of her foliage. Never one to see a landscape exactly as nature intended, Jill uses her creativity to enhance her work and paints the world as she wants it to be. Her many collectors have caught the same fever and love basking in the warmth her artwork creates in their homes and offices.

Jill Charuk’s work is held in private and corporate collections in North America and Europe. Her oil and acrylic paintings have garnered awards and praise for her strong and confident use of colour. “Thirty five years spent in the study of colour has shaped my own vision of how the world could look.” Being a member of the BC Federation of Artists keeps Jill active in the art world and connected to other artists. Giving workshops, entering juried shows and keeping up with the work of her peers colours her world, as painting is a solitary pursuit. Jill works out of a studio space in Vancouver is always happy to have clients and potential clients drop by to have a visit and look at what she’s working on.

Jill started her career as a fashion designer, running her own successful company but her desire to stretch creatively drew her to paint. Colour training took her into interior design work but making other people’s visions come true didn’t satisfy her need for expression. Jill has taken many art classes and workshops with painters she admires and has been able to develop her own unique vision and express that fully through paint.

Jill’s work is available in galleries in beautiful B.C. and on her website www.jillcharuk.com. You can also find her at www.facebook/theredqueenstudio, where she lets her alter ego The Red Queen post some playful and interesting work. “If you like it, please “like” it,” says the Red Queen.