Massage yourself from the inside out

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Taking care of your physical appearance is one thing but have you been taking care of your inner self?

Have you ever wondered why some people catch colds at the drop of a hat while others rarely do? Or that some people are a walking bundle of nerves who are easily stressed by the smallest experience while others accept the deepest traumas as part of life and feel no stress at all?

It’s easy to envy someone who is always healthy or stress free.  Instead of envying them. Be them.

While you may think that being disease and stress free are unattainable goals, they may be closer than you know.  You may just need a little help.

Massage therapy does a good job of treating our muscles, organs, spine and other bones.  It’s your energetic system which may need more attention.

For centuries, Far East disciplines have been used to heal what ails western society by understanding that an inner peace and balance are the keys to health and happiness.  The Chinese and Japanese believe that a life force inside of each person creates this inner peace and balance and people need to rebalance their life force either by themselves or with the help of a Reiki (from Japan) or Chi Kung (from China) practitioner.  When the life force energy system is in balance the Chinese and Japanese believe that the body merely responds as it should to be healthy.  This creates a dynamic immune system that prohibits most diseases into the body and causes others to be healed and managed quickly.

The Eastern beliefs all share this same common idea.  An inner energy keeps us running at optimum health because we are much more energy than matter and we have not given anywhere near the attention to this aspect of our being.

The practice of using both Reiki and Chi Kung is taken to a whole new level when applied in conjunction with massage therapy.  Reiki Master and Chi Kung practitioner Wayne Bilyk calls this the Positive Energy Massage.  It creates the energy balance that leads you to a healthy and stress free life.  By incorporating common massage therapy he creates a familiarity, which is crucial in helping you attain a comfort level and a willingness to experience more and let the energy aspect of the massage, the Reiki and Chi Kung, do their work.

A Positive Energy Massage begins with a regular massage using oils to soothe and relax you because it is crucial that you feel comfortable, calm and stress-free. You will also be treated with the utmost respect and will be draped if you choose a routine that suggests any clothing be removed.  During the massage the practitioner builds a trust and connection, which will prove invaluable.

The energy phase is quite simple. Through focused breathing, energy is sent throughout the body to create a sense of inner peace and balance. Energy is first sent to the top of your head to each vertebrae ending at your tail bone. Secondly, energy is sent to your heart and then your solar plexus, both very soothing and relaxing routines. You should leave the session with a more relaxed feeling and significantly less stress.

If you are ready to have your own inner life force be your gateway to lasting health and a stress free life, get in touch with Wayne Bilyk.

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