A Rundown of Rob Ford’s Wackiest Moments

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When a prominent figure like the mayor of one of Canada’s largest cities is accused of something outrageous – like allegedly smoking crack, for example – your first response may be: “This can’t be true. He runs one of Canada’s largest cities!” However, when the mayor in question is the real-life version of The Simpsons’ Mayor Quimby, with a string of unbelievably questionable actions to his name, you could think, “Actually, I could see that guy hitting the pipe every once and a while.” Because while many have called Toronto’s mayor a “crackhead” figuratively from time to time after one of his many antics, no one has used the term literally.

Take a look through our slideshow of Mayor Quim … I mean … Ford’s wacky moments. After all,  just ask Marion Berry. Crack is wack.

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In May, Ford darted from a community council meeting in Etobicoke, only to tag cars with “Rob Ford Mayor” magnets to people’s cars. He’s facing a $150 fine for the act.

Ford hasn’t just put Toronto on the international map for his alleged crack habit. Earlier this spring, Jimmy Kimmel featured the clip of the mayor running into a cameraman. Easy material for the comedian. Rob Ford’s reaction is priceless. Watch in the clip above.


In true “Quimby” form, Ford was accused of  “groping” female mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson. Ford responded as classy as ever.”In my personal opinion, I’ve always said, I don’t know if she’s playing with a full deck from the first time I met her and I told her that that night.”

Speaking of loving sports. The mayor loves the players of the football team he coaches so much, he’ll literally divert public transit for them. He did so in the fall of 2012. Regular riders were kicked off two TTC buses to pick up his Ford’s high school football players.

Another blooper moment for the mayor. He may love sports but in the clip above it’s clear he is a better spectator than participant as he falls trying to throw a football in front of a slew of recording cameras.

And for someone who is so (unintentionally) funny, he really does not know how to take a joke. He called 911 on comedian Mary Walsh as she approached him at his home playing character Marg “Princess Warrior” Delahunty.

Regardless, Delahunty sympathized for him when he (briefly) lost his job last year.

Ford also likes to tuck into a good book once in a while, even while driving. He was photographed reading while driving his SUV on the highway. The multi-tasker that he is, he explained he’s much too busy NOT to read and drive but also too humble to hire a driver.