VIDEOS: Rob Ford Had a Rough Day

It’s been a very eventful Halloween in Toronto and unlike a typical day spent admiring costumes and eating mini chocolate bars, the attention has been on Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford. Anyone who has been following the allegations against Ford since the first day the words “crack video” were spoken has been anxiously awaiting some sort of resolve regarding scandal. For months there have been whispers, “Is there a video? Do the police have it?” Well, early this morning those whispers quickly turned thunderous after announcements of a police investigation involving Ford’s chauffeur Alexander Lisi.

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The media frenzy began early this morning with Ford being bombarded by cameras while trying to leave his home. Toronto’s mayor did not respond to any questions regarding the court documents and the police investigation involving Lisi. Clearly Ford anticipated he would be under pressure today as he was carrying more than one extra dress shirt, one of which unfortunately feel in a puddle. A wet shirt is most likely the least of his worries. Watch the clip below.

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Just a few hours later, Ford surfaced at his office with a slew of reporters anxiously awaiting a statement. Ford finally appeared through the Halloween-decorated doors and flanked by security, he acknowledged the investigation but said he could not defend himself as it is “before the courts” (sigh) and then when asked if he would resign he said, “I have no reason to resign” (double sigh). Watch the clip below.