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What sparks a person’s interest in family history? Many people are motivated by events in their lives that are connected to the past in one way or another. As we age our own mortality takes on a position of importance in our day to day lives and this may create a desire to leave a legacy to the next generation.

Your family history starts with you. The initial steps are:

  1. Start with your own information, such as vital statistics, and gather the documents accordingly.
  2. Collect information on the family that you may already have in your home, such as vital statistics, wills, family bibles and photo albums.
  3. Talk to your relatives, starting with the most elderly, as they will have valuable information that you don’t want to miss. It is also a good idea to see if anyone else is working on the family genealogy.

You research your family history to learn more about your family and your place in it. You will discover some unknown events and some long forgotten stories.

The first place to look is vital statistics and census records (the 1921 Canada census has just been released and this may be a good starting point). Slowly you will build your family tree and see how connected you are to the past.

A curiosity of where your family fits into the history of the country, where the family came from originally and why they had to immigrate is a common reason to research your family history. Why did they choose Canada? Were there other options?

You could decide to research your family history on your own. Some people do the research themselves and when they get stuck decide to hire a professional. Others don’t have the time or knowledge base to do the research themselves and choose to hire a professional from the beginning.

Discovering more about your family history affects everyone differently. Some people want to gather as much information as possible to pass down to their grandchildren. There are those who are fascinated by every little piece of information they find and there are those who will try to discover what the lives of their ancestors were actually like during the times in which they lived.

You may not answer all the questions but you will find a connection with the people and stories of your family’s history.

Researching your family history can be the first step. The next step could be visiting the homeland of your ancestors. If a place can be found in the country of origin then you may be able to find and visit a family farm or house.

The research may lead to distant cousins in countries from around the world who may have new information on your family.

Are you ready to start the journey into your family’s history? Contact Ruth Blair of Blair Archival Research and let her help you discover your family history today. Don’t put it off, begin the search today.

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