Stay Safe In Your Bathroom

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Security is a very high priority for all of us. That’s why you keep the doors to your house locked. But what about security and safety concerns inside your home? Sure you’ve decluttered where everyone walks and reduced the chance of falling to a bare minimum, but is that enough? What have you done to accident proof the bathroom?

We all know how accidents can happen when water comes between you and the surface you’re trying to stand on in the bathroom. One little misstep and you can find yourself on your knees or worse wondering if you should go to the hospital. If you have limited mobility this can be an all too frequent concern.

Mary and Robert Jenkins are in their late 60’s. They have lived in the same charming home for 34 years and like many of us, they don’t want to leave. But after a friend slipped in the bath, broke her hip and could no longer live on her own, they realized if they really wanted to stay in their home, they should replace their tub with a safer walk-in bathtub. “We want to stay in our home as long as possible, and I don’t want an injury to force us out of our home,” says Mary. “That’s why we bought a walk-in tub.”

Don’t allow a lack of mobility or the fear of getting injured deny you the freedom and pleasure of enjoying a soothing, relaxing bath or shower in your own home. If you’re unable or afraid to bathe or shower alone, you should know about the quality, comfort and convenience of a Walk-in Bath from Premier Care in Bathing.

Premier Care understands that many who suffer from various medical conditions need a lot of assistance in their daily bathroom routine. However, they don’t feel that aesthetics have to be compromised when people are looking to make their bathroom a safer environment. They can supply a range of bathroom equipment that can help make a bathing experience safer and more enjoyable.

Here are some simple steps to upgrade your bathroom back to functionality.

The walk-in baths that Premier Care promotes are excellent and arthritis friendly. They take away the risk of slipping and falling when stepping over the side of a tub or entering the shower. Look for features like a walk-in door, a powered bath lift, soothing hydrovescent therapy (designed to relieve aches and pains in muscles), grab rails and easy-to-turn faucets. They also have a rejuvenating spa that combines several sensory therapies: the soothing effects of Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy and relaxing Foot Massage Therapy.

The simple job of turning a tap can be excruciating if you have arthritis. Consider changing your sink fixture to a lever handle. It is even possible to buy a touch free adaptor that fits onto some existing standard taps.

There are toilets that are engineered to sit higher off the floor so that users don’t have to bend their knees as much to get up and down. If replacing the toilet is out of the question, toilet risers that lift the entire toilet 3 to 5 inches higher are available.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, it’s divided into sections – each having its own specific function (sink and mirror, bathtub and/or shower, and toilet). Lighting needs are different in each section and if your current bathroom has only one light fixture the needs of the sections are not being well served. Consider adding lighting to the mirror that satisfies both a woman’s need for applying makeup and a man’s need for shaving. A light in the bathtub or shower would also be a beneficial addition.

Hard, smooth floors are a potential hazard because even a small amount of moisture can make them very slick. An area rug with a non-slip backing or pad will help but they are still prone to lifting at the edges and may cause a fall and injury. The best way to safetyproof your bathroom is install moisture and/or mildew resistant carpeting because it does not lift or move like a non-slip rug may.

With a few home improvements and modifications, you can stay safe at home and live independently for many years.

Special financing available with payments as low as $150 a month*.

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Premier Care In Bathing is proud to have earned the Arthritis Friendly commendation from Canada’s largest organization for arthritis awareness, The Arthritis Society as well as from The Royal Canadian Legion.