Increase Sexual Satisfaction by 71.43%

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What is it about VigRX Plus that makes it stand out from every other so-called natural male enhancement pill?

Maybe it’s the clinical studies that support the product which showed a 62.82% increase in the ability to maintain an erection and a staggering 71.43% increase in sexual and intercourse satisfaction.

It could be the product’s appearances in media sources like ABC and The View…and the approval from famous and well-respected authorities like Dr. Steven Lamm; the bestselling author of The Hardness Factor.

Granted, it could also be the track record. With over a decade of helping guys improve their sex lives, it’s the leader among natural male libido supplements and has out-lasted all the competition.

Men who buy VigRX Plus also get more out of its all-natural formula than they would with other products, because the improved formula now comes with Bioperine, which boosts absorption.

However, when you break it down, it comes to this: VigRX Plus works – yes, it really does – with the industries only clinical study to prove it. And if YOU buy VigRX Plus, you’ll have increased sex drive, stamina and enjoyment…or the company will give your money back.

Clinical Proof and Outstanding Results

VigRX Plus stands out from the competition by having actual clinical evidence to support its claims. Those results are impressive, too, and combine to solidify the product as the most effective male enhancement supplement on the market.

Don’t take our word for it either. Dig around  and see how many male enhancement products you find that have clinical studies to support their claims.

Now, consider the clinical proof behind VigRX:

62.82% Increase in Ability to Maintain an Erection: Guys who took VigRX Plus for 84 days enjoyed a 62.82% increased ability to keep their erections hard during penetration.

58.97% Increase in Ability to Penetrate: Women liked it too – the female partners of the men in the study reported 58.97% more penetration, and with increased enjoyment to match the results.

71.43% Increase in Sexual and Intercourse Satisfaction: One of the most impressive statistics from the study. Men who took VigRX Plus were almost SIX TIMES more satisfied than guys who didn’t take it.

VigRX Plus Really Works

Prescription ED pills are fine when used as prescribed and for advanced erectile issues.

But, men who prefer to achieve better performance with a 100% safe, natural product should consider VigRX Plus; it shows remarkable results and comes with a no-risk 60 day money-back guarantee.

And, reports indicate that few men return VigRX Plus; a testament to the many guys who post their positive reviews online and have dramatically increased their sex life.

You can skip that often embarrassing trip to the doctor too because it’s completely natural and doesn’t require a prescription.

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