A Caregiver’s Best Friend

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When it comes time to admit you need a caregiver there’s no reason they should have to work so hard.  Get a helping hand from Premier Care in Bathing.

You’ve spent your life doing things for yourself and on reflection your life is a very good one.  You’ve had many loving years with your spouse.  Your children have grown into people you can be proud of and even started their own families.  Your friends and family respect and love you.  Life is good.

Then there comes a point where your life changes because you just can’t do the things you used to do without someone’s help.  What you used to do with even thinking now has become an effort.  It happens.  You need a caregiver.

You’re not alone.  There are over 8 million caregivers in Canada helping people with 285 of those being actively engaged in elderly care.  Their duties may be a simple as driving them to go shopping or medical appointments to washing, drying and dressing them to go outside or getting ready for bed.  They become part of your family and you can show them your trust and caring by making their job easier.

With a conventional bathtub or shower a caregiver must struggle to lift or help you or your loved one into it.  This method no longer serves your needs and it can be dangerous. Premier Care has a full line of Walk-In Baths and Easy Access Showers that can become the caregiver’s best friend.

Walk-In Baths feature an easy, low-level entry door and a slip resistant floor and seat that allow entry into the bath virtually unaided.  Levered taps allow almost anyone to adjust the temperature and flow of the water.  These baths and their fixtures are so easy to use The Arthritis Society has commended Premier Care with its Arthritis Friendly seal of approval. You can even add the Hydrovescent Therapy option to ease those aches and pains that daily life brings. Premier Care realizes that a Walk-In Bath is not for everyone so they also offer Powered Baths with motorized seats so your caregiver need only help you onto the seat and press a button. Then the seat lifts you up, over the edge and into your awaiting luxurious bath.

If a shower is more who you are then Premier Care has a line of barrier free, Easy Access Showers that all offer ultra-low entry with a safe, sturdy, non-slip chair that doesn’t get in the way of getting clean.  They also have grab bars to help you with your balance and dual shower heads so you can either use a fixed head or a shower wand.

Regardless of whether you opt for a Walk-In Bath or Easy Access Shower, Premier Care products are designed for an ease of use unparalleled in the marketplace.  It’s very possible that you will now give your caregiver more important duties because Premier Care has helped you keep your dignity.

Thank you for a Premium Bathroom that is living up to my expectations.  Many of my nurses and Care Givers are very impressed.

Betty Richardson


Special financing available with payments as low as $150 a month*.

To request a FREE Premier Care Brochure visit us at www.walk-inbathtubs.ca or, for a free consultation and recommendation on your bathroom call 888.473.9644 (PROMO CODE:6721)
*Based on approved credit. Only valid until March 31, 2014. Offer is only valid on the purchase and installation of a Premier Care in Bathing Walk-In Bath or Easy Access Shower, and can only be presented at initial consultation.
ǂ See dealer for details.

Premier Care In Bathing is proud to have earned the Arthritis Friendly commendation from Canada’s largest organization for arthritis awareness, The Arthritis Society as well as from The Royal Canadian Legion.