Buy home furnishings direct and SAVE Big!

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Savvy consumers know that that the best way to save money on products is to buy them directly from the manufacturers and their authorized suppliers to avoid paying hidden retail markup.

But, unless you’re lucky enough to “know someone”, buying direct is difficult, if not impossible.

Well, not anymore!

Today, thanks to buying clubs such as DirectBuy Canada, consumers across the country can enjoy the rock-bottom prices that used to be available only to the privileged few.

How It Works
DirectBuy Canada members get access to the members-only Showroom, where they can view thousands of products, including hundreds of top brands, all at confidential dealer prices – the exact same prices retail stores pay!

Then, they simply tell DirectBuy what they want to purchase, the club places the order, and the products are delivered to the members’ club for pick up or directly to their home.

The Savings
According to DirectBuy members Kevin and Annamarie Klippenstein, the saving can be significant.

“All our barstools, our end tables, our chairs, 61-inch TV, the stereo – pretty well everything came from DirectBuy. At DirectBuy, we’re getting things that normally we couldn’t afford. It’s amazing, the savings that you get!”

Top Brand Names
Members also appreciate the incredible selection. According to Mike and Vesna K., it’s better than retail.

“DirectBuy opened a whole new door of possibilities that would never have been imaginable in the retail world.”

Whether you’re shopping for cabinets and vanities, countertops, sinks, faucets, tubs, flooring, lighting or major appliances, you can probably find it at DirectBuy.

DirectBuy members also have access to design specialists, contractors, installers, and other service providers to make sure their renovation or remodeling project runs smoothly.

One Stop Shopping
With DirectBuy, you can get virtually everything you need for your home, right at your club, including cabinetry, flooring, windows, electronics, marble, granite, furniture and electronics, even accessories like art work and carpets. It will save you time and effort. And when you’re doing a renovation, you need every second you can get.

Still, the big reason more and more Canadians are joining DirectBuy Canada is savings, which can be significant.

DirectBuy member John Gonsalves sums it up well:

“After years of listening to our close friends and relatives about DirectBuy, my wife and I finally became members in early 2005. Shopping and ordering through the club is easy. Once you pay cost, you’ll never want to pay retail again.”

Becoming a Member
The savings, the selection and the convenience make DirectBuy extremely attractive to people who are renovating, remodeling or simply want to spruce up their home with new furniture and accessories without breaking the bank.

If that sounds like you, visit today and get your FREE information package, including a FREE Visitor’s Pass to an Open House at a DirectBuy showroom near you.