When Your Car Reaches the End of the Road – Make it a Giving Legacy

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Every car holds memories, whether it was the van that took you across Canada on summer vacation, the car your daughter first learned to drive, or even your mother’s 20-year-old car which is still in mint condition. There is an easy way to give your car a fitting send off – donate it to Kidney Car.

Kidney Car is a unique donation program developed by The Kidney Foundation of Canada that provides the traditional “feel good” rewards of giving, but also offers a tangible solution to an everyday problem.

Many Canadians believe that there are only two ways to dispose of their older, unneeded car: sell it or trade it! Kidney Car is the alternative that is a win-win for both you as a donor and your neighbours touched by kidney disease.

Kidney Car donors receive a valuable charitable tax receipt for a minimum of $300, but often higher depending on the condition of the car. Cars are towed for free, usually within 48 hours, by a reputable Kidney Car partner.

Judy Taylor knows the toll that kidney disease can have on families. Judy’s son David lived with kidney disease for many years and sadly passed away at the age of 31. When the time came to purchase a new car, Judy chose to donate her used car to Kidney Car instead of trading it in.

“Parting with my 13-year-old car wasn’t an easy proposition. I could have resold it, but it wouldn’t have been worth much, so I chose to donate it to Kidney Car. The Kidney Foundation is important to us. Not only did the funds support kidney patients in my community, but I also received a valuable charitable tax receipt. It really was a win-win!” said Judy.

When that unwanted car is taking up prime real estate in the driveway, or your parent has just stopped driving, it’s time to call Kidney Car.

For 20 years Kidney Car has offered the public a unique opportunity to support life-changing medical research and patient services by simply donating their unwanted vehicles.

Every vehicle holds memories, which makes saying goodbye tough. Make your car a legacy gift to remember – donate it to Kidney Car. Call 1-866-788-CARS, or visit KIDNEYCAR.CA.