Long term care insurance can be uncomplicated.


Because of ever-decreasing coverage from government health plans, expenses for long term care could cost thousands of dollars each month.

But even though they know that long term care insurance could protect their savings and independence, many people don’t look into obtaining coverage because they simply don’t know where to start. Or they try to obtain protection later in life when coverage could be more difficult to acquire.

CARP’s recommended insurance provider, The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc. and their program partner MyDignity offer a solution: Simplified Issue Long Term Care Insurance for CARP Members.

While certain conditions and restrictions may apply, CARP members enjoy simplified acceptance with less underwriting. There are limited health and lifestyle questions, and no medical exam is required.

Easy and affordable coverage of $50,000 or more is available for CARP members to age 80. Simplified Issue Long Term Care Insurance for CARP Members provides a tax-free monthly income benefit if you are physically dependent, that is, cognitively impaired, or unable to perform the activities of daily living. What’s more, coverage allows the insured to receive care in a facility or their home.

SILTC_Secondary_250x188pxAs a bonus for CARP members, value-added assistance services such as housekeeping, health monitors, delivery of medications, and more are included at no extra cost.

We’ve proven that long term care insurance does not have to be complicated. To get started, contact program partner MyDignity today. They’ll take the time to explain your options, and help you select the benefits and coverage that suits your needs.

Simplified Issue Long Term Care Insurance for CARP Members. Visit www.carpinsurance.ca or call toll-free: 1-877-851-4520.