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We plan our career paths, we plan our weddings and we plan for our retirement.  We plan all of these things in our lives, yet we often shy away from planning the one thing in life that is inevitable. Pre-Planning your funeral or the funeral of a loved one will save money, provide peace of mind and ensure that you get your wishes your way.

Unfortunately, about 40 percent of the time, death is sudden and unexpected.  This means that most of the time, we are not prepared for it. Not prepared for the financial and emotional stress and not prepared to take the next steps that we need to take to deal with it. This often leads to emotional overspending and hasty decision making.

The Trend is on the Rise
Every year in North America, tens of thousands of people pre-plan funeral arrangements for themselves or a loved one. Funeral Pre-planning is really quite simple. It involves meeting with a Funeral Pre-Planning Specialist and establishing what type of arrangement makes sense for you and your family and discussing the simple details required to facilitate your plan. It’s also a free, no obligation service that all funeral establishments offer. Once determined, the funeral plan is funded according to your individual needs and budget and remains on file until the services are required.

It Makes a Sound Investment
Funeral pre-planning gives you the opportunity to help your family by ensuring that your wishes are clear so no one is left struggling with an emotional or financial burden. The best part is that your pre-planned funeral can be financially guaranteed. Should you decide to pre-pay for your funeral plan, your pre-payment is invested with a third party financial institution and the interest that it earns offsets the cost of inflation. Any shortfall is absorbed by the establishment where you made your arrangements and any excess funds are returned to the estate. Your plan is also transferable should you move and your funds are guaranteed by Ontario law.

For you this means a very sound investment that also allows you to lock in at today’s prices for tomorrow’s funeral.

You can learn more about all the benefits that come with pre-planning your funeral arrangements by visiting  the not-for -profit website  once there, you can make a no obligation request for more information about Funeral Pre-Planning  by visiting the Get Started Page. You will receive 25 AIR MILES® reward miles just for requesting the information and you will also be entered into a draw for a chance to win 10,000 AIR MILES® Reward miles.