When Your Eyes Mature…

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Was “healthy clear vision” on your 2014 list of New Years resolutions? We think it should be. IRIS can help you cross that resolution off your list; so you can experience life with clear vision.

Nothing can stop the aging process, but there are many excellent options for vision correction that ensure these changes in your vision do not affect your ability to enjoy life.

The most noticeable symptom of our eyes maturing is having trouble seeing up close.  Over time, the functionality and muscles in our eyes get naturally weaker.  This condition is called Presbyopia, and all of us experience it to some degree as we age.  Perhaps you find it difficult to read small text, phone numbers or accurately see the speedometer while driving?  Managing this change with ideal vision correction means you are better able to enjoy your life, remain active and keep up with daily demands.

Having an annual complete eye health and vision examination will identify how much change has occurred in your eyes.  The Optometrist will advise you of any health concerns and discuss preventative measures you need to be aware of in order to maintain the health of your eyes.

Like investing in quality sunglasses as a preventative method to protect your vision from harmful UVA and UVB.  Sunglasses provide better clarity of vision, improved depth perception and reduce the effects of glare so that we can see better in sunny and wet conditions.

To have the best possible vision, you need to work with your Optometrist and Eyecare Team to understand what your options are.

Technology advances have improved the comfort and clarity eyeglasses provide.  Depending on your vision needs, your daily activities and the demands you place on your vision there are options to consider. Progressive lenses are the multi-tasking backbone of vision correction for Presbyopes.  They can be worn throughout the day and in most cases, meet the needs of all of your activities.  For some, specialty lenses are an important consideration.  Home and office lenses are designed to give you amazing quality of vision for reading and computer work, reducing eye fatigue and eyestrain.

Even if you have never worn contact lenses, this may be a great time to consider this option. Multi-focal contact lenses have seen huge advances, making them an excellent solution for many people.  Working with your vision care team to determine suitability, and having a professional fitting and contact lens teaching session may be the best gift you have given to yourself.  New materials are more comfortable and breath to ensure eye health and ease of wear.

Other options to consider should you desire freedom from glasses.  Laser vision correction can now correct your vision near and far.   Surgical lens replacement is also an option worthy of consideration.  Your Optometrist can explain how each of these procedures work, and help you with your research.

Visit an IRIS Optometrist to discover your IRIS Profile and what steps to take to ensure you Experience Better Vision.

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