LAVA Infrared Heating : Save 30% on any Lava heating products with Zoomer Perks

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Lava heating devices are not only functional, but also enrich the interior design of your living or working environment.  With LAVA you will enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more comfortable, and beautiful source of heat.


  • Unparalleled performance
    LAVA’s infrared technology is able to deliver the same warmth as convector heating systems (ie. Forced air, hot water, electrical baseboards), while using significantly less energy. The infrared heating system works nearly without loss, because almost 100% of the heat is transferred into the room.
  • Reducing your heating expenses
    Having your living areas heated with infrared heating, you will save up to 12% of your heating expenses.
  • Sustainable Heating
    Electricity is the energy of the future – which equates to a CO2 free environment.
  • Easy installation
    Inexpensive, only a power supply is needed and your LAVA® will work immediately; flexible to mount on walls or ceilings.
  • Need space
    Eliminate your furnace and you will gain storage space you never knew you had. LAVA® will make it happen, join the environmental movement and reclaim the space you need.
  • One-on-one accounting
    Each room can be controlled separately to minimize your heating costs.
  • Maintenance free
    There are no service issues/costs i. e. Duct cleaning, Burner maintenance etc.
  • Electric smog
    LAVA® units do not create electromagnetic fields.
  • Safety
    Our units are designed to withstand the most demanding test of time and have received full approval from the European Union. For North American safety approval please note our UL file #10CA53754
  • Why glass?
    Scientific data shows that glass stores and emits heat better than any other known substance including; powder-coated sheet metal, marble, refractory clay, and even casting.

Enjoy a healthier heat and start saving now!

For more information on Lava infrared heating systems, please contact us at [email protected] or click here.