This 80-Year-Old Grandmother Is An Instagram Celebrity

Jokes about the older set not being technologically savvy end now! Meet Grammy Betty, the 80-year-old, Louisville, Kentucky grandmother who has won over the hearts of her social network fans and the complete strangers who discovered the Instagram celebrity via–what else–social media, of course.

Her famous dance clip to Pharrell’s hit song, “Happy”

Although Instagram is a lighthearted platform for sharing candid photos of your dinner, outfit, or enviable vacation hot spot, this account is attached to a sad origin story: it was started by her grandson Zach Belden as a way to document how love can help ease his beloved grandmother’s fight with cancer.

“We get joy out of listening to her say everyday, “How many more friends do I have today,” her granddaughter, Hope Belden said.

“Maybe they’ll learn something from me. I’ve been here 80 years, maybe they’ll learn something good from me,” Grandma Betty says about her fans.

Dancing to some big band music with her granddaughter

But, the Internet has a funny way of taking serious topics and meme-ing them into less tragic pop cultural moments. And, so is the case with Instagrammy who is not only an overnight celebrity thanks to her rendition of Pharrell’s song Happy, but a willing and a full-fledged member of the “pouty-lip selfie” club–a ubiquitous look across the social network landscape.

Her supporters have sent her letters and knitted her scarves and as far as we’re concerned, Grammy Betty has won the Internet this week. Her 6,800 fans can’t be wrong: this granny is (insta)grammin’ with the best of them!

Her #ThrowbackThursday picture: a portrait of her and her late husband