Beauty takes no shortcuts.

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Consider that mountain peak for a minute. The way the last rays of sun cast a perfect shade of deep orange that turns the glacier into a blanket of fire. Or that lake, with a sheet of mist rising up from it and unveiling a perfect mirror. Or a single strand of prairie wheat, as beautiful and unique as a child’s fingerprint.

You see, nature didn’t just cobble together sundry bits of earth and stone, and then go home early. It was a labour of love undertaken with the sole purpose of creating timeless beauty. It took 25 light-years for the stars to illuminate the Prairie skies. Four billion years to turn stone into earth. It took millions of years to forge the Rockies, and thousands of years for the forests to pierce the glaciers, and valleys to replace lakes. Nature took its time to create Canada. And you should take your time to discover it.

Now it’s one thing to get out the map or spin the globe, and admire the sheer size of our country. It’s quite another to pack your bags and set out for an awe-inspiring, memory-making, time-zone twisting adventure through Canada. But to do it properly you have to take the train, because a journey by rail is the only way to truly appreciate a nation that was built on rail.

VIA Rail offers two unforgettable train trips for people who want to get to know their country from the inside out, while at the same time enjoying all the creature comforts of home sweet home: the Canadian and the Ocean.

The Canadian
Nature took its time in crafting its masterpiece, and so the Canadian between Toronto and Vancouver takes no shortcuts in showing you the most grandiose landscapes: the immensity of sky and field, lake and mountain. Three days and four nights on board are hardly enough! Dine in elegance and have memorable encounters with other travellers, indulge in entertainment, savour the relaxing ambiance of the scenic dome, enjoy attentive service, and dream under the stars. There is no journey like this journey, and no better way to experience Canada.

The Ocean
Cross time and space in a single day on the Ocean, between Montréal and Halifax, from crepuscular fields and morning mists, to tree-blanketed hills. During your journey, enjoy Canadian wine that you’ll delight in pairing with your meal, featuring regional specialties. Stretch out in your cozy accommodations, look out the window or up through the scenic dome, make new friends, and bask in the warmth of the famous Maritime hospitality. Whatever kind of traveller you are, this is the best way to discover the East Coast.

Whether you choose to head west for an unforgettable adventure, or east for a memorable Maritime respite, you’ll be exploring the vast beauty of Canada in the comfort of a VIA Rail train. Remember, beauty takes no shortcuts. Nor should you.