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Australia, being such a large country (it’s an Island, a continent as well as a country, to be exact), it’s natural to be intimidated by all the many sights and things to do.

And with friendly citizens and a land rich in diverse cultural backgrounds and indigenous traditions from thousands of years ago still recognized today, it’s no wonder why the Australian culture is often seen to be very similar to the Canadian culture.  But with a bit more of a laid back attitude.  And with more beaches, of course!

We’ve compiled the top three reasons why you as a Canadian traveler should finally add a checkmark next to ‘visit Australia’ on your bucket list.  And, of course, why you need to specifically book a tour when you visit Australia.

Convenience and Time Saving:

The Outback or the beach?  Tour the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Blue Mountains?  And this is just Sydney – then you must think about Melbourne and Cairns and so on.  You wouldn’t want to travel all the way to Australia just to see one city.  Plus, it would be quite hard to jam several activities into one vacation, and plan them each out in a timely manner on your own when unexpected delays could crop up.  There are many organized cross-city tours that take you from Sydney to Melbourne, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef and so on within one vacation package.  Often these tours include return flights, accommodations, most meals, hiking trails and various activities like snorkeling, and of course, plenty of photo-snapping opportunities.

Safe and Never Boring:

From dining on a luxury boat cruise overlooking the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to dinner on a first class train from Sydney to Melbourne, no two nights are the same when you travel with an organized tour.  Organized tours are known as being a safe way to travel as you’re with a group and activity levels are appropriate for all ages no matter who is on the tour.  These tours ensure that each day will be vastly different from the next as there are many pre-planned and well-organized activities – saving you a lot of time in the preparation process of having to research each place individually.  Each site visit is seamless, safe and easy – one day you could be visiting Blue Mountains just west of Sydney and the next day you’d be heading on a train to visit Michaelmas Cay (The Great Barrier Reef).

Get Your Fill on The Popular and The “Hidden Gems”:

Booking a tour that takes you to many cities throughout the country ensures you don’t miss a beat, treat or feat!  Did you know about The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant in Melbourne? While bustling through the hip streets of Melbourne on a tram, The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant allows you to enjoy a four course meal including Kangaroo Loin, Tasmanian Ocean Trout, Victoria Fillet as well as a selection of Australian cheeses.  Did you also know that throughout the country, you don’t ever have to tip any waiters when dining in restaurants?  It’s not customary to tip waiters in Australia, saving you money to enjoy your travels (or grab a few extra souvenirs from each city on your tour!).

Another reason why Australia is a great place for Canadians to visit? It’s affordable – internal roundtrip flights within Australia are roughly $400 compared to travel within Canada where flights are roughly $600.  Australia is affordable, it’s safe, and it’s got a lot of fascinating places to visit.

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