Discover The Uncondo

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These days there is an over-hyped condo on every corner. Seen one, seen them all.

Then there is Richmond Springs, the uncondo with resort-style luxury and unmatched amenities custom designed for 50 plus adults.

Located in Richmond Hill at 1000 Elgin Mills Road East, Richmond Springs is priced well below what you can expect to pay for a condo in the GTA, says Concept Developer and Executive Director John Fedyna. “Our pricing can be as much as two-thirds less than a condo,” says Mr. Fedyna. “That may sound too good to be true, but it’s a fact.”

Buyers can choose from a wide range of floor plans at price points varying from $142,000 – $571,000. “The pricing of our residence is intriguing, but what’s even more amazing is the luxury and the unique combination of amenities available exclusively at Richmond Springs,” says Mr. Fedyna. “There’s nothing like it anywhere in the GTA or across Canada for that matter.”

Unique features include an indoor concourse designed like a street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, a golf center and year round gardening.

“Richmond Springs is not just a place to call home,” says Mr. Fedyna. “It’s a lifestyle, a place where you can enjoy the good life 365 days a year.”

Anyone currently living in a condo needs to consider what life would be like if they moved to Richmond Springs, cashed in on the savings and began enjoying the lifestyle, which Mr. Fedyna calls Six Degrees of Luxury Living. It’s everything you don’t associate with condo living:

  • Wide corridors designed to promote social interaction.
  • A spacious front yard where friends and family can meet.
  • A greenhouse where residents can enjoy planting and nurturing flowers and organic vegetables all year long.
  • Talent exchange mall for business and pleasure engagement, featuring a European-style, half-kilometer-long concourse to facilitate easy interaction between shoppers and the vendors. 
  • Almost endless ways to stay active. It’s just a matter of what interests you. Will it be dancing, golf and gardening? Or perhaps you are attracted to theatre production and acting, music and cooking. 

If you are currently living in a house, consider the many benefits of Right-Sizing. Unlike “Down-Sizing”, which is all about giving things up, Right-Sizing is all about gaining things and enjoying life more. It begins with the recognition that having the biggest house possible no longer makes sense on a number of levels. Why?

The truth is you are not getting much joy from all that extra space. You know what we are talking about – the living room that gets used once or twice a year, the extra bedrooms that never get used and the fully finished basement that was once a popular space, but is now rarely visited. Even if your house is paid off, those spaces are not free because your taxes are based on the size of your home.

So let’s review. You have a lot of space in your home you no longer use. You are getting no use or joy from that space. You are paying taxes on those spaces. Does this make sense?

Now imagine a life in which you have a Right Sized suite at Richmond Springs. It’s big enough for what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. No more rooms you never use.

But what’s really exciting is that your cost of housing went down a lot – perhaps as much as 60% — and all that extra money is now available to do the things that you have always dreamed – helping your children or grandchildren, starting a new business, taking a dream trip.

Sound right? Then it is time to RightSize at Richmond Springs, the resort-style luxury living residence with incredible suites priced from $142,000 – $571,000. To learn more, contact us by phone (905-884-8040), email our marketing company ([email protected]) or visit our website: