Why Visiting Australia Is Worth The Long Trip

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When asking a person what is on his or her bucket list for travel destinations, the response will almost inevitably be “Australia”.  While some are concerned about traveling on a long flight, for travelers who have already been to Australia, they’d say this destination is worth the time spent going.

Reason it is worth the time and energy to go?  The endless activities and excursions as well as the many iconic sights you’ll see and get to capture with your camera.  From the dinner cruises to a sightseeing train ride across the nation as well as the captivating sights of the Great Barrier Reef, this is a country with cities that tell a story of their own with each of their distinct characteristics.

It is wise to book a cross-city tour which takes you to many places throughout the country so you won’t miss anything.  There are a lot of tours that provide you with a great learning experience when it comes to getting to know the country you’re traveling in.  For instance, do you know the aboriginal legend behind “The Three Sisters” at the popular Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney?  Do you know about The Great Ocean Road and why it is as popular as it is scenic?  Tours offer information tidbits and “treats” and this in turn gives you a bit more of an appreciation and renewed love for the country you’re visiting.

Often Australian cross-city tours include return flights, accommodations, transfers, various activities and some meals so nearly everything will have conveniently been pre-planned prior to your arrival.  Tours can be customized to suit your needs and activities are mostly suitable for all ages, no matter who is on the tour.  This way, you as a traveler can get your fill on both the popular as well as the “hidden gem” locations, making for a well-rounded vacation.

Booking with the right Destination Specialist, one who specializes in trips to Australia and surrounding regions, can help incorporate all your tour and accommodation needs into one voyage.  Your specific needs will be taken into consideration by your Destination Specialist and he or she will also be mindful of the time you spend in Australia to ensure you get the most out of your vacation, no matter how long or how short it is – and you’ll still have personal leisure time in-between tours and sightseeing.

Your Destination Specialist will find you suitable hotel accommodations so you never have to worry about where you’re staying each night and your tours will be booked with reputable companies. Plus, these tour companies have developed long-term relationships with your Destination Specialist, and they will ensure your needs are met and that you are comfortable every step of the way.

Let Downunder Travel help you incorporate several Australian destinations in an easy 14-day, 19-day, 22-day or 27-day all-inclusive voyage along the east-coast of Australia!  The Destination Specialists at Downunder Travel guide you through your trip planning process from end-to-end seamlessly. On everything from baggage limits, ideal climates for particular locations, off-beaten path delights, insights on the best of restaurants, cafes and shopping, and all the best airfare deals, Downunder Travel will meet your every need.

Downunder Travel currently has a heavily discounted airfare by Virgin Australia that you may find enticing.  Offering three levels of service for passengers – Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class (flat bed seats) – Virgin Australia provides service like no other airline.  With an onboard snack bar for customers looking to stretch their legs and fill their tummies, and connecting flights by Delta Airlines onto Virgin Airlines out of LAX offering passengers a back door tunnel that circumnavigates security, Virgin Australia has those extra touches that help make your traveling experience much more exceptional.

For more information on creating your perfect down under vacation, visit our offices in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto, go to www.downunder-travel.com or phone (toll free) at 1-866-470-4414.