Make That Bathroom Better

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If you pay any attention to medical and health news you will already know that people are living healthier lives than they were a few decades ago.  As a result more people are having to deal with health issues such as arthritis, osteoporosis and hearing and vision loss.

So much of our physical health relies on physiological well-being. The need to feel safe, particularly in one’s own home is of paramount importance. As we age, home renovations to increase the function of the home become more of a necessity that a simple a cosmetic upgrade. Whether a necessity or a desire a few well thought renovations to your existing bathroom will help you age gracefully.

Falls and slips are the most common injury in the home.  The combination of smooth floors and lots of water make the bathroom one of the most dangerous rooms in the home.  Non-Slip flooring surfaces can prevent costly and dangerous fall and fracture injuries. Strategically placed lighting fixtures and occupancy sensing light switches aid aging eyes when navigating, and grab bars can often be installed to maintain independence in the home.  A mirror hung vertically with a sink with little or nothing underneath can allow someone in a wheelchair to use a bathroom that was denied because of a disability.

As a proactive consumer, it’s easy to find remedies to small projects that can be completed by the average handyman. However, when it comes to the bathroom a transformation completed by experts is the most peace-of-mind solution to eliminate the multiple risks associated with the space. Many Canadians find themselves researching Walk-in Baths and Easy Access Showers as the first initiative in their renovation planning. Entering and exiting the tub should neither be difficult nor dangerous. Fortunately, you now have access to products designed for easy and effortless use that can restore the independence you’ve enjoyed all of your life.

Bathing is often an activity of understated importance, and offers greater benefits than merely basic hygiene. Relaxation serves as a great weapon when combating continuous ailments which often cannot be remedied by prescription medications alone. Specialized bathing products, including Premier Care in Bathing’s line of Walk-In Baths, offer patented Hydrovescent Therapy which stimulates muscles and relieves aches and pains.  With additional Chromatherapy and Foot Massage Therapy you can turn a simple bath into a luxurious spa and reduce the affects of many ailments as well.  Premier can also upgrade your shower, toilet and sink to make them more usable.

As the first company in the industry to be awarded the Ease of Use commendation by the Arthritis Foundation, Premier prides itself on the innovation and quality of their products, helping consumers maintain independence and a dignified lifestyle for over 25 years. The entire process, from the manufacturing, purchase process, and installation is handled by a highly dedicated and expert staff. No matter your needs and current bathroom accommodations, Premier has options available to complete your new renovations and make sure as you age you bathroom will help you age well.

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Premier Care In Bathing is proud to have earned the Arthritis Friendly commendation from Canada’s largest organization for arthritis awareness, The Arthritis Society as well as from The Royal Canadian Legion.