When You Travel, Your Protection Is Our Priority


With several travel insurance providers running “early bird” promotions throughout the summer months, many value-conscious travellers are no doubt in the process of comparing programs.

If you’re one of them, there are several great reasons for you to choose Travel Insurance for CARP Members, offered by The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc., CARP’s recommended and trusted provider since 1993.

Yes, we offer competitive rates, with discounts up to 11%, including 5% off medical travel plans for CARP members, and value-added benefits at no extra cost. And yes, we offer multiple coverage options, with easy qualification and simple applications.

But perhaps the greatest reason for you to choose a plan from Travel Insurance for CARP Members is our commitment to help ensure that you’re properly protected.

TMG_SecondaryImage_250x188pxWhen you call our toll-free telephone number, you’re speaking with a licensed insurance broker. Licensed brokers are qualified to provide solid advice on the insurance product that is best suited for you. More importantly, they will help you understand all medical questions, and recognize when it is best to consult a physician for more details on your medical conditions. Knowing your medical conditions as well as the reasons for which you take your medications, is vitally important in the travel medical insurance application process.

As our primary customers are snowbirds, we understand and offer the coverage typically needed for a snowbird traveller. More importantly, our licensed brokers understand the issues facing Canadians 50-plus today. They have been actively trained with the knowledge and appreciation of what CARP stands for.

We have a variety of plans to choose from, including medically underwritten policies if required. An individual medical underwriting policy is designed to assess your specific medical conditions; you are not being placed into pre-designated categories like other standard applications. The result is a plan that is tailored to your precise health situation, and is designed to cover your pre-existing conditions without a stability period.

Regardless of the insurance program you ultimately purchase, we offer you this advice:

  • Understand your medical conditions and treatment, including all medications.
  • Be willing to check with your doctor if you are not sure what your medical records state.
  • Be open and honest with your insurance broker about your conditions.
  • Review your insurance policy prior to departure, especially if your condition has changed since the time of purchase.

If you have any questions, consult your Travel Insurance for CARP Members broker. Even if you’re not a member of CARP, call us and we’ll work to offer a coverage solution for your insurance needs. We want you to be properly insured.

The Travel Insurance for CARP Members Pre-Season Savings Event is on now through September 30, 2014. For complete program details, a no-obligation quotation or to purchase your insurance, visit: www.carpinsurance.ca or call toll-free: 1-877-566-1417.


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