Canadian Cardiologist Prescribes Plants Over Pills

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If you told me a few years ago that in 2014, this Newfoundland-born Cardiologist would be in Ontario coaching people to eat more vegetables, I would have thought you were delusional. After graduating from extensive medical specialty training programs including fellowships of Cardiology and Internal Medicine, I, like all of my colleagues received little or no training in clinical nutrition.

I’ve since learned about nutrition’s direct impact on health. I’ve witnessed my patients dramatically improve and I’m now more confident than ever that nutrition is the most important determinant of health. The research clearly shows that nutrition, and not genetics, is the biggest determinant towards whether a person will develop a chronic illness. Genes don’t determine disease on their own. They function only by being activated, or expressed, while nutrition plays a critical role in determining which genes, good and bad, are expressed.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
– Hippocrates

I’ve had hundreds of patients tell me that their high cholesterol is genetic and not to expect their numbers to improve much with changing their diet. And yet, they are pleasantly shocked time and time again when 10 days of plant-based nutrition consistently drops their cholesterol the same amount as when cholesterol medication is taken for 90 days at maximal dose.

One-third of patients on medication develops intolerable side effects at maximum dose forcing them to stop the drug altogether. The added benefits of plant-based eating also includes drastic improvements in blood sugar control (in pre-diabetics and diabetics), huge drops in blood pressure readings and an average weight loss of nearly 6 lbs… and that’s just in the first 10 days!

Seeing people actually get better with the help of nutrition education and counseling has given me a new passion for medicine… reminding me why I pursued medicine in the first place… to help people and see them get better!

“Until recently I was never convinced that diet contributed much to lowering bad cholesterol… I have been proven wrong… patients have actually made remarkable progress attending Lunch and Learn sessions with Dr. Shane Williams…”
– Dr. Kent Phillips, Family Physician, Bracebridge, ON

When we pay attention to the main source of most of the medical problems
(animal-based and processed foods), patients heal from the chronic medical conditions that characterize our Western society’s eating habits. The body is continuously healing itself and when people stop injuring it with our ‘Standard American Diet’ (aptly called S.A.D.), they regain their health. With education and the correct dietary changes, we can often drastically lower a patient’s dosage and number of prescription medications – sometimes reversing one or more of their diagnoses (such as diabetes) and improve symptoms of established diseases such as angina and erectile dysfunction, often in a matter of days and weeks.

“An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come”
 Victor Hugo

Would you like to take control of your health today? Given that the only thing standing between you and your healthiest you is the proper information (and a few cooking tips), we want to maximize your chances of success. We want to show you what you can achieve in only 10 days when you are educated by the world’s leaders in nutritional science, all while being served the tastiest and healthiest plant-based foods imaginable.

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