Protect Yourself From The High Cost Of Health Care

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There’s a very simple reason why you should protect yourself with supplemental health insurance; your government health plan does not cover the full cost for many essential health care services.

That means with limited or no coverage from government plans, you could be out-of-pocket thousands of dollars each year for the health care services you and your family require; dental and vision care, prescription drugs, medical specialists and more. And this can place a strain on your finances, your lifestyle, and even your retirement plans.

Supplemental health insurance offers you a cost-effective way to pay for part or all of expenses when you see a health care professional, require hospital care, or buy eligible health care services and products.

So why choose Health & Dental Insurance for CARP Members? Whether you’re looking for basic coverage, require a comprehensive plan, or simply want to supplement an employer-sponsored plan, we offer a plan to suit your needs, at members-only rates.

Health & Dental Insurance for CARP Members has three plans offering the convenience of guaranteed acceptance with no medical questionnaire, subject to receipt of initial premium payment:

  • Dental Enhanced provides comprehensive coverage for your dental care needs.
  • Extended Health Care for those seeking increased homecare and nursing coverage.
  • Three Star offers great value with basic coverage for almost all available benefits.

Complete a medical questionnaire to obtain two plans with enhanced benefits and coverage levels:

  • Four Star offers comprehensive coverage on all available benefits and services.
  • Five Star provides the highest coverage levels with attractive co-pay amounts.

Health & Dental Insurance for CARP Members gives you the flexibility to choose the benefits, coverage levels and co-pay amounts that will suit your individual needs. What’s more, with the CARP Card, you won’t pay upfront costs for many health care benefits. Protecting yourself from the high cost of health care has never been easier.

For your free Health & Dental Insurance for CARP Members information kit or no-obligation quotation, visit or call toll-free: 1-877-551-5566.