6 simple budget-friendly items that can beautify your home in an instant


Looking to add a little ‘oomph’ to your humble abode without breaking the bank? According to Apartment Therapy, there are (at least!) six ways to freshen up the home without emptying your wallet. It’s all in the little things – quite literally.

Let’s take a look, shall we?…

6 simple items that can change everything

  • Place a tree in the living room

Green adds liveliness to any room – and is vital to the flow of energy in a home.

  • A mismatched chair in the dining room keeps things funky

Liven up the dinnertime a little, would ya? This method focuses on emphasizing contrast with a subtle pop of color.

  • Roll out a rug in the kitchen

Rugs aren’t usually found in the cooking and food preparation area, but the unexpected element keeps the kitchen from looking dull.

  • The bathroom is a great place to look at and analyze art

Often a place of function over fashion, the bathroom is often overlooked as a mecca of potential for visual stimulation. AT recommends hanging a few inexpensive paintings.

  • A unique-looking nightstand can be versatile

Instead of the usual one-drawer nightstand by your bed, why not get a nightstand that is a different shape and size and with a few different functions?

  • Paint one wall a different color

An entryway is a great place to have an accent wall to catch visitors’ eyes.

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