Would You Like to Earn 8% Fixed Interest Every Year?

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The markets are once again on a wild roller coaster ride since early December 2014. Are you satisfied with the overall performance of your investments since the crash of 2008-09? Many investors have lost trust and confidence and they are confused and skeptical. They are looking for safety to grow and preserve their capital. But they also would like to earn a modest return and a steady monthly income stream without putting their hard earned life savings at further risk.

Canadians would desperately like to get off the investment roller coaster and are eagerly looking for:

  •  Secure Investments that provide more than the meager returns from money market funds and GIC’s;
  • Greater Stability than the volatility of the stock market and mutual funds;
  • Cash flow to provide a steady stream of monthly income; and
  • Simplicity and Transparency offering easy-to-understand investments with no MERs or hidden fees

Is there really a low-risk income-producing investment that can return 8% fixed interest every year for the entire term of the investment … with security and collateral … and interest paid every month or quarter?

The answer is Yes!

Canada’s large financial institutions, multi-billion dollar pension plans and wealthy individual investors have been diversifying their investment portfolios in mortgages for decades.

Now you can too!

Can I really earn return 8% fixed interest every year for the entire term of the investment?

Yes you can! And in addition to the 8% fixed return, many of our AAA commercial developers also pay a contractual end-of-term Bonus of up to 4% per annum at the end-of the-term of the mortgage.

A Mortgage Investment (commercial mortgage) provides security for investors by using the land and property as collateral … just like the banks have collateral against your house on a residential mortgage.

A contractual agreement (a Mortgage) is created between the investors (the Lender) and the developer (the Borrower). The Borrower must pay the Lender on a fixed schedule at a pre-determined interest rate for a set period of time. The Mortgage is secured by the land and real property owned by the borrower.

How safe is a Mortgage Investment?  What are the risks?

Like all investment vehicles, an element of risk is present. The companies and developers (and the advisors/agents) that we deal with must follow a stringent due diligence process to determine and evaluate if a project is worthy of presenting to qualified and suitable clients / investors.

Many precautionary measures are taken to mitigate risk, including full project appraisals performed by independent and professional appraisers. It is also compulsory for each project to have a funded interest reserve (for the security of investors).

A mortgage is a contract and varies from company to company with several nuances. Subsequently, it is critical that before you invest, you deal with an advisor who is giving you unbiased and objective expert advice about the various developers and projects. Your money should be invested only with highly reputable AAA developers who can demonstrate a lengthy and solid track record of on-time and on-budget project completions in AAA locations. Safety of your investment is our prime objective.


We make it easy for you to transfer (tax free) a portion of your under-performing RRSPs, TFSAs, RRIFs, LIFs and LIRAs to a secure Mortgage Investment. Of course you may also invest with cash or unregistered funds.

Take a look at the numerous advantages of Mortgage Investments to help you diversify your overall portfolio:

Why Have I Never Heard of Mortgage Investments?

Advisors who are licensed to sell mutual funds, stocks, or bonds, either as an independent advisor or as a captive agent, are NOT allowed by their mutual fund dealer and/or association and/or their financial institution to sell (or even refer) Mortgage Investments to their clients.

Mutual fund dealers and financial institutions strongly encourage their advisors to recommend only their own proprietary investments! Consequently there is no financial incentive for these advisors to make you aware of the numerous advantages and benefits of Mortgage Investments.

Retirement Money-for-Life™

Let us show you how we can provide you with a solid plan that will allow you to live out your golden years without financial worries and know that your money will last for as long as you (and your partner) do. And we don’t just stop there! We will help you pass your estate to your children and/or grandchildren and/or charity in the most tax efficient and speediest way possible while saving you tens of thousands of dollars in probate and estate fees.


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DISCLOSURE – Peter Lantos is a licensed mortgage agent and investment advisor, not an investment dealer. Landmark Capital Ltd. (FSCO Lic #12493), is the lead mortgage brokerage. Mortgage investment transactions are closed by Peter Lantos and Landmark Capital Ltd.

Note: In the provinces of Ontario, FSCO states that Mortgage Investments must be closed by a qualified licensed Mortgage Agent.