Experience the Real Cultures of France

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And here we are in the month of February – the month of love – ah l’amour…so truly, what better destination to speak about than the most romantic destination in the world – France! Kissing your paramour along the banks of the river Seine, confessing your lifelong adoration at the peak of the Eiffel Tower, walking hand in hand through the lavender fields of Provence or sipping effervescent concoctions amidst the vineyards of Champaign.

France is such a special destination as it represents so much of what we as North
Americans aspire towards in cuisine, culture,art, wine, style and elegance.  But we aren’t the only ones who view France as an aspirational destination – France is the most visited country in the world with 84 million visitors annually, and to that end, the Eiffel Tower – the iconic symbol of Paris – the single most visited paid attraction globally.  We’ve all seen the images of the Eiffel Tower sparkling at twilight – but as with all iconic images – nothing can truly prepare you for the beauty and the overwhelming feeling of truly being in France when you behold those twinkling lights for the first time in person!

Paris, is of course the capital of France – and one can wander through the streets of Paris for weeks without encountering the same experience twice and discovering a plethora of museums, architectural wonders, inspirations and iconic sights – but Paris is one small corner of what France really has to offer.  Divided into 27 regions, the diversity of France includes the cosmopolitan Paris, quaint Provence, expansive vineyards of Bordeaux, the French Alps in Lyon, the limestone cliffs of Normandy and sandy beaches along the crystal blue Cote d’Azur or French Riviera.  The hexagon of Europe is truly a treasure trove of diverse experiences that cater to every sense and sensibility.

With a Trafalgar Guided vacation, we take you to
discover all the iconic sights and expected destinations – but then we take you deeper – to experience the best France has to offer.  Truly a rather daunting concept when you think about it – create the perfect vacation to France!  Trafalgar offers 7 core itineraries focused on France and includes France in 17 of the European Discovery journeys.  Here are a few of the key elements we include when crafting an itinerary and how we ensure that a Trafalgar guided vacation is truly special and unique.

Trafalgar is the Real Deal – what we promise, is what we deliver!  We are the Real Insiders, offering Real Choice with Real Flexibility all while providing Real Ease for our customers.

With Trafalgar we bring our guests to see the World from the Inside!  With our Be My Guest experience, we take you inside the homes of local families whom you sit with and eat with – to experience a piece of their culture.  These are all unique, exclusive Trafalgar experiences.  Each is carefully curated with the strict guideline of being authentic, engaging and insightful to the destination and helps to evolve our guests from being tourists to becoming travellers.

Travel like a VIP – avoid lengthy queues at iconic destinations.  The Eiffel Tower is the perfect example.  Over 7 Million visitors come to traverse the Eiffel Tower each year – leading to 2-3 hour wait times.  But not with Trafalgar – with our agreements we skip the queue and go directly up the tower.  That’s an extra 2-3 hours you get to experience the rest of Paris, not simply the base of the tower!

As we have discovered France is so much more than a cruise along river seine, a meander past the Arc de Triomphe or traversing the Eiffel tower.  It truly is the birthplace of so much we have come to appreciate in fine art, style, cuisine, wine, architecture, music and even sport.  Just one of the 44 countries we visit in Europe – let Trafalgar take you to see France from the inside.

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