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Acclaimed Canadian writer/director Ruba Nadda reunites with Patricia Clarkson in this taut, psychological thriller set among the stunning, yet treacherous islands of Georgian Bay.

Opening March 27th in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal (and then expanding across the country), the moody and compelling October Gale offers audiences who love quality, crime thrillers something more. The film also explores human relationships and the repercussions of loss in a rich and thought-provoking way – something that most thrillers lack. This makes sense when you know that the film was directed by Ruba Nadda, who is known for great character-driven dramas such as Sabah and Cairo Time (which won Best Canadian Feature Film at TIFF in 2009).

October Gale stars one of Canada’s most well-respected actors, Academy Award Nominee Patricia Clarkson (Shutter Island, The Maze Runner, The Station Agent), alongside Scott Speedman (Underworld) and Academy Award Nominee Tim Roth (Selma, Rob Roy).

Clarkson plays Helen Matthews, a Toronto doctor still reeling from the death of her beloved husband of 32 years, James (Callum Keith Rennie).  She’s not yet ready to return to her job and life in Toronto, and so retreats to the beautiful lakeside island cottage that she and her husband loved.

Against the wishes of her son, Helen insists on taking the trip alone, but when a sudden and devastating storm knocks out all power, Helen is left completely isolated from civilization.

In the midst of the gale, a small boat washes up on shore carrying William (Speedman), unconscious and bleeding from a gunshot wound. Helen reluctantly shelters him and cares for his wounds, but now finds herself alone with an unknown and potentially dangerous man who refuses to offer any explanation as to what has happened to him! When a tense manhunt for Will unfolds, led by the armed and dangerous Tom (a riveting performance by Tim Roth), Helen realizes that they are both in the middle of a life and death struggle. She is finding herself drawn to William, but not sure whether she can really trust him. As the situation escalates, she must rely entirely on her instincts to survive.

It’s always refreshing to see weighty roles like this for women in their 50s and Clarkson infuses the character with dignity and stoicism. It’s a deep and emotional performance which cements her status as one of the most impressive and talented actors working today.  Patricia Clarkson says about the role, “I really get to do everything in this film, and that’s the beauty of this character and the wonderfulness of Ruba in recognizing that women who are not twenty-five are actually physical and agile and capable and sexy and daring and bold and we can see that. It’s been a thrilling ride.”

The Canadian release of the film comes on the heels of the film’s successful premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival where it won over audiences in the Special Presentations Program.  It was heralded as “an intimate, suspenseful drama from one of Canada’s most exciting filmmakers.”

Allow yourself to get blown away by October Gale! Just remember to lock your doors when you get home…


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