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Whether you need a cell phone for emergency, to keep in touch with your loved ones or to browse the internet, there’s a solution for you. Which phone and plan will better suit your needs?

The Simplicity of a Flip Phone

Easy-to-use and affordable.

Flip phones are easy to understand and handle. Flip phones will appeal to those who want something simple, mostly just to keep in touch by making and receiving calls, or for simple texting.

The award-winning Doro PhoneEasy®, designed for the needs of seniors, provides both simplicity and functionality. With large keys, bright display, hearing aid compatibility, programmable emergency button and an easy to use camera, the Doro PhoneEasy® is an easy choice.

Flip phones can be paired with a low cost cell phone plan for Simple Talk and Text, starting at just $16.20 per month**. But, that’s not it – with a flip phone, you can also take pictures, set up a daily alarm, and much more.

If a classic phone and simple Talk and Text plan is what you are looking for – you will really like our selection of flip phones.

If you feel like you need to do more than Talk and Text with your cell phone, a smartphone is what you need. See our smartphones line-up.


All-in-One Smartphone

Keep in touch with your loved ones and all the important things in your life.

If you always wanted to do more than talking and texting with your cell phone, a smartphone is what you need.

Smarphones can be sorted into four main categories, depending on their Operating System (OS):

  • Google Android OS – Simple, affordable and highly compatible with third-party devices – Android devices are a good way to start with a smartphone.
  • Windows OS – If you owned a Nokia Phone or enjoy Windows operating system and its related applications, a Windows phone is the right phone for you.
  • BlackBerry OS – For advanced smartphone users with a strong preference for security.
  • iPhone OS – User-friendly but pricey, iPhones are generally sold with an expensive monthly fee.

With a smartphone, you can keep everything you care about with you, everywhere. Most smartphones can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, so you can access your favourite apps or websites at the comfort of your home, at work or any public Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you want to have the advanced features of a smartphone at an affordable price, starting at $22.50/month**, the Huawei Y6, an LTE compatible device, offers a bright touch screen, high definition camera and access to maps, music and more. Everything to keep you connected, in one device!

However, smartphone users like to use data while on the go to connect and stay in touch:

  • Email and instant messaging
  • Browse the internet
  • Picture messaging
  • Access social media
  • Mobile GPS navigation

If you want a phone with a large screen, 5″ qHD display, a powerful camera of 8.0 MP with Flash, and numerous apps to download at your fingertips, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is the phone you need. Plus, the Easy mode provides an easier experience for first-time smartphone users with a simpler layout and bigger icons.

Smartphones have more features, and bring many more possibilities for you. If you are ready to try one out, discover our smartphones selection.


Keep the Same Phone and Number

Bring your own phone and number to our network.

If you like your existing phone and want to keep it, you can use your existing phone with any network provider as long as it is unlocked. When you buy a phone from a cell phone provider with a contract, for example, there’s a great chance that the phone is locked to the provider’s network.

To use the phone with any other provider, you have to unlock the device, which can be done by contacting your cell phone provider or by asking a cell phone repair store to unlock the device for you (unlocking fee usually applies in both case).

When you start with Zoomer Wireless, the SIM Card is free, no activation fee applies and no commitment is required. Learn more about getting started with your own cell phone and number.


Wireless Home Phone

Would you like to save on your Home Phone Service?

With a Wireless Home Phone, you can stay in touch at a lower monthly rate than similar home phone services, and get so much more:

  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Save money on your home phone service
  • Unlimited Canada-Wide calling*
  • Includes: Enhanced voicemail, call display, call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling*

If you are away several months every year, savings on your Home Phone Service is important to you. A Wireless Home Phone, let you enjoy everything you already love about your home phone service, at a more affordable price and separate from your wireless service. Plus, as a Zoomer Wireless customer, you can take advantage of a lower monthly rate.doro620

Zoomer Wireless provides affordable cell phones with voice, text and data plans, and home phone to seniors across Canada. Zoomer Wireless offers reliable national network coverage, a 30-day money-back guarantee* and the ease of monitoring your wireless usage with My Account. Zoomer Wireless is wireless made simple!

Call a live agent today at 1-888-632-1529, or visit for more information.




*Some conditions apply, call for details.

**10% off plan fees, and the annual cost of CARP membership dues, Zoomer Magazine subscription and $5 CARP Chapter donation are available with a 1 or 2 year service agreement, and provided for as long as you are a Zoomer Wireless customer. For customers who currently have a CARP membership, membership and subscription will start upon expiration of existing CARP membership. For customers who do not have a CARP membership, membership and subscription will start immediately upon signup with the Zoomer Wireless program. Split the $50 referral credit offer is valid for new activations only. To retain the credit, the referrer and friend (referee) must be subscribed for at least 30 days, or the credit will be reversed.

1 $0 one-time device fee available only to existing Zoomer Wireless customers. Offers are subject to change without notice.

2 No term required. No activation fees. Wireless Home Phone device required. Some conditions apply, call for details.