Transfer your experience to a new career

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By the age of 40, career changes and transitions have happened to all of us, at least once.

For some of us that change is voluntary (I need a position with more opportunity for growth), for others it is a matter of circumstance (I need to move back home and look after my parent/grandchild) and for another group the decision was made for them (downsized).

At 56 years of age, Marsha Davies found herself unemployed after 14 years of working for the same company.

During that time, the married mother of two had successfully juggled her high-tech market research job from a virtual office at home with parenting, a small catering business as well as extensive volunteering in the community and helping take care of her elderly mother.

The loss of the job hit her hard.  She had the experience, skills and energy, “but nobody wanted me,” says Davies. “I didn’t have a lot of confidence at that point.”

Month after month, she applied for jobs. “I researched everything. Any place where I could apply for a viable job, I applied,” says Davies. She picked up catering jobs, started a blog sharing recipes, and when her mother became too frail to continue living in her condo alone and moved into a senior’s residence, Davies looked around and recognized an opportunity.

Shortly thereafter, Davies applied for a position at Revera as a lifestyle consultant and was hired. It was no coincidence that Revera seized the chance to hire the energetic and skilled worker in her late 50s. The company is committed to tackling ageism, says Janet Ko, senior VP, Marketing & Communications. Not only is it tackling this age-old prejudice with its Age is More campaign the company also walks the talk when it hires.

“Our oldest employee is 80 years old,” says Ko. “We believe there are a lot of myths and stereotypes about older people that have to be challenged. Ageism is a growing issue. It stands along the battles of sexism and racism we’ve fought in the past.”

A desire for a continuing or new challenge is shared by many other mid-career changers, Canadian Armed Forces members and retirees who want to continue working in a different career stream and/or return to the workforce.

A certain degree of thinking and preparation is also required for the job search. There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding to make a mid-career change, among them the type of work you want to do, the transferability of your current skills to that position, any new skills/training you might require and how you see the job fitting into your lifestyle.

Regardless of why you are looking for an encore career, for some mid-career job-seekers where to look for employment can be a stumbling block. That’s where organizations such as ThirdQuarter can help.

As a recruitment service for people aged 45 years and over, ThirdQuarter partners with companies across Canada looking to hire experienced workers.

“Once you are registered with us, your resume and profile become part of our secure candidate database,” explains Sue Barkman, ThirdQuarter president and CEO. “When we receive job postings from companies, our recruitment team will look for candidate profiles that closely match the requirements of that position.”

ThirdQuarter recruitment advisors take a coach approach when connecting with candidates, reviewing their resume and obtaining additional information to add to the candidate’s profile.

“Through our partnership with CARP, ThirdQuarter holds an ongoing series of free job and coaching cafes exclusively at ZoomerShows across Canada and monthly at the CARP head office,” explains Sue.

The types of jobs posted at vary from professional to skilled; including full-time, part-time, contract, term and even volunteer positions.

“We encourage our candidates to check our site frequently as new positions are added daily and the right fit for you might be a click or a day away,” adds Sue.

Candidates can also register for weekly e-newsletters and job alerts to keep better informed of employment issues and new postings.

For more information on ThirdQuarter or coaching cafes visit or call toll-free at 1.855.286.0306 to speak with a recruitment advisor.