Independent Living for Seniors, Peace of Mind for Caregivers with Caretrak Mobile Response

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Canadians are living longer and healthier lives. With increasing life expectancies and better health as we age, we want to continue to enjoy our independence. Maintaining our quality of life involves continuing our life activities both inside and outside of the home. The concern is that although we are healthier and are still active, we may need assistance at any given time and from anywhere. Care assistance is often provided by family and friends

Nearly 3 in 10 people (8 million Canadians) are family or friend caregivers. Taking on the responsibility of caregiver means balancing other competing life demands including working and taking care of families. There is also the worry-factor – those they are caring for may have health and aging concerns. It’s not surprising that regular visits or check-in phone calls to ensure everything is fine applies to 90%+ of caregiving situations 1

Caretrak can help with a one-click connection between the user and their caregiver..

Caretrak Mobile Personal Response connects seniors to their family and friend care contacts – anywhere, anytime – inside and outside of the home. When urgent help is needed, the user presses the SOS button and connects to their care contact.  There is clear two-way communication directly from the pendant so you can assess the situation. At the same time, text and email alerts with GPS location information are sent to multiple contacts to keep everyone informed.






Peace of Mind for Caregivers with a direct connection when needed…

The device is a communication tool that can also be used for any urgent and day-to-day issues. Check-in calls can be made to the device at anytime by anyone. When the Caretrak unit receives a call, it will ring like a cell phone. The user simply pushes the SOS button to pick up the call. This can give families added peace of mind by knowing that there is a direct connection available if needed.

Caretrak goes beyond home boundaries unlike current emergency response solutions..

Caretrak is different than current home-based emergency response solutions because it provides a direct connection anywhere, anytime. The device is programmed to your care contact of choice which allows families and caregivers to connect for day-to-day caregiving needs and check-ins. There is also clear two-way voice communication from the pendant instead of a home base station. Service includes 40 Canada-wide voice calling minutes each month (for outbound and inbound calls to the device), unlimited text and email alerts to your contacts and GPS location services with 15-minute automatic updates. There is no installation and a landline is not required since it operates on a separate wireless connection.

It’s a tool worth having!

Exclusive CARP Benefits

Caretrak is a proud partner of CARP. Get a free 2 year CARP membership (new or renewal) and 10% off the monthly service fee. Plus $10 will be donated to your CARP chapter.

Try it today! Special Summer Introduction Offer – pay only $99 (regular $179)

The Caretrak device can be purchased for only $99 until August 31st, 2015, 2015 (regular $179). The monthly service fee is $39.60 after the CARP discount (regular $44). The cost is comparable to home-based solutions with the added wireless and GPS services included.


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1Source: Statistics Canada, 2012 General Social Survey on Caregiving and Care Receiving