A boost can help

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Sometimes there comes a point in our lives – be it personal or professional – when we feel trapped in neutral, when the days have turned into weeks that have morphed into months of the same behaviours not yielding the desired results.

“I have been working in the financial industry for a number of years and feel like I am not in the right place for me,” explains 45-year-old Chris C*. “I like aspects of my job but it just doesn’t feel like me anymore.”

When you reach the rut in your road, take a moment to reflect on what exactly is the issue.  Lack of experience? Unresolved issues from the past? What is it you truly want? Not easy questions to answer, tougher still to develop the roadmap to get to your goal.

Luckily you don’t have to plan this journey alone. Aside from family and friends, there are people who can help: mentors, coaches, and counsellors. Each offering separate and distinct processes that can help get you to the next level, depending on you and your circumstances.

Mentoring implies a difference in skills between two people: one has the expertise and imparts their knowledge/wisdom onto a less experienced partner.

In a traditional counselling session, issues from the past are usually explored to help someone overcome a personal crisis.

Coaching promotes a collaborative problem-solving culture. It is not about the coach showing or telling the coachee how to do something – it is about the coachee being held capable to discover how to resolve the issue.

Chris adds, “I remember feeling trapped. I wondered who was going to hire me since I was no longer a fresh face straight out of university.”

When a friend mentioned ThirdQuarter, a recruitment service for people in the “third quarter” of their working careers, Chris did not hesitate to register.

“Our recruitment advisors take a personal coach approach by connecting with candidates, reviewing their resume and obtaining additional information to add to the candidate’s profile,” explains Sue Barkman, president and CEO ThirdQuarter.

In partnership with CARP, ThirdQuarter holds an ongoing series of free job and coaching cafes held exclusively at ZoomerShows across Canada and monthly at the CARP head office.

“I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from a ThirdQuarter recruiter,” recalls Chris. “I really appreciated getting a call from a real person. When I mentioned I was going to be in the Ottawa area, he suggested I register for the CARPWorks Café being held during the Zoomer Show.”

For Chris the job cafe was an opportunity to talk one-on-one with a ThirdQuarter recruiter.

During her appointment, Chris met with a recruiter who listened attentively to her job journey, took the time to go through her resume and offered suggestions on how to update it to what employers expect today.

“Having someone go through my resume was a very valuable exercise. It has been years since I needed a resume and frankly didn’t know what I should include,” says Chris. “I really appreciated having someone actually listen to my story and help me determine what career avenues might be a better fit for me. Through talking it out, I realized that I have many transferable skills and much to offer my next employer. This realization has boosted my self-esteem and confidence.”

For more information on ThirdQuarter visit www.thirdquarter.ca or call toll-free at 1.855.286.0306 to speak with a recruitment advisor.

*Name has been changed since candidate is currently employed and seeking new employment.