5 Presenters We Are Excited to See at IdeaCity 2015!

It’s that time of year again, ideaCity is back again! This years marks the 16th year of the conference and in honour of some of the returning speakers, we made a list of the 5 talks we are the most excited for!

5.Aubrey de Grey

The last time Aubrey was with us was in 2008 where he gave a very inspiring speech on Robust Human Rejuvenation therapies and their ability to slow down the aging process, we can’t wait to see what updates he has for this topic from the past 7 years.

4.Terry Mosher

A veteran to the ideaCity stage, Mosher has brought some great laughs and insights to the conference over the years. This time he will be partnering up with Wes Tyrell, and the two should create an amazing wrap up for end of the three days.

3.Marc & Jodie Emery

The “Pot Prince” is back and we can’t wait for him to share his perspective. After last year, where Jodie spoke about Marc’s release and charges, we cannot wait to see the two untied and on the ideaCity stage.

2.Haim Goldenberg

Always a favourite, Haim Goldenberg is back on the ideaCity stage, but this year he brings TV chef Bob Blumer with him for a new fusion of cooking and mentalism. The combination of Haim’s amazing abilities and Bob’s humour, this should be one performance to not miss!

1.Jack Andarak

Jack is the amazing teenager who invented an inexpensive early detection test for pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer. He has been showered with countless awards, been the spotlight of several documentaries, and we couldn’t be more excited to see him on the ideaCity stage once again.

This year’s ideacity conference will be held at Toronto’s Koerner Hall on June 17-19, 2015. For more information or tickets visit the ideacity website – or if you can’t make it in person, check out the webcast here.