Greece – the original bucket list trip!

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The Greek islands offer much more than ruins, feta cheese and the Euro currency crisis! For thousands of years early navigators, mariners, the Romans and the Ottoman Empire have tried to claim this remarkable group of islands… but why? It could be the climate, the beaches and the sunny blue skies that Greece is renowned for. It could be the thousands of bays and coves filled with translucent waters. It could also be the warm welcoming locals, or of course it could be the famous Greek salad! The answer lies in a combination of all of these things, a culture so unique it pulls at the heart of everyone who visits.

Experiencing some of the 4500 Greek islands on a luxury sailing cruise is different to any other form of Greek vacation. The yacht is a mode of transport and accommodation and a guided tour allows a cultural experience and great food along the way! It’s the opportunity to learn something new and to make new friends. Together with a varied itinerary created to showcase different aspects of island life, Greek culture and gastronomy, a sailing cruise is for the adventure traveller as well as for those seeking relaxation.

Poseidon Charters has been offering guided sailing cruises in Greece for over 24 years and is the expert for this type of Greek Island experience. There is a choice of 7 or 14-night itineraries and the expert crew sail and share the best of Greece. Sailing two pristine cruising areas, the Saronic Gulf which features Venetian architecture with terracotta roofs, and the Cyclades which offers quintessential white buildings, blue shutters and pretty pink bougainvillea.

The first week highlights old-world Hydra. Hydra does not allow vehicles on the cobblestone streets, only donkeys! Next up is Kythnos, for sheer relaxation. Kythnos boasts soothing, natural, thermal hot tubs and a chance to enjoy a beach BBQ under the stars, prepared by the crew. The week ends at Ios island. Once labeled the party island of the Cyclades, Ios now gleams with 5-star resorts and restaurants, where sipping an exotic cocktail poolside watching the sunset is the norm!

A trip to beautiful Santorini splits week one and two of the itinerary. A chance to stay in the charming UNESCO Heritage town of Oia, overlooking the 6-mile round volcanic Caldera from a cliff-side cave house is an unforgettable experience.

For week two, the finest Greek food outside of Athens can be found on the little known island of Schinoussa. Inhabited by only 150 people and run by generator! For the history buffs, Delos is the largest archaeological site in Greece and 3 hours are dedicated to touring this remarkable civilization and learning about Myths and Gods!  Myknonos is next for those who wish to party the night away or shop till they drop! The last hidden gem is the island of Kea, with a stunning ancient hilltop town. A guided hike allows time to explore and see the largest ancient Greek sculpture – a 21ft lion from 600 BC.

Poseidon Charters has a few cabins left available for 2015. Boarding in Athens on 29 August 2015, or Ios island on 5 September 2015. The available cabins have been reduced to CAD1999 per person for 7-nights. Pricing includes a double bed cabin with private washroom aboard a luxurious 56ft yacht with all modern conveniences! Breakfast and lunch are included, as are the services of the crew on this phenomenal guided itinerary.
There is no better time than the present to explore the past, on this bucket list adventure in the Greek islands!  Visit Poseidon Charters sailing cruise in Greece.