Readers Talk Back on the Election

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Last week we asked our Facebook audience what they wanted out of this election, as well as what topics were the most important and relevant. We got some great responses, and here are just a few we wanted to highlight.

Elizabeth & Dan were most concerned about several strong pillars of our society, from our environment, to cancelling Bill C51 (the Anti-Terrorism bill that was introduced and passed by a conservative majority). Stating another slew of things to stand for they said “holding an inquiry into our missing and murdered indigenous women, invest more into healthcare and education. Stop selling our natural resources and water to foreign ownership.”

Annette was also with Elizabeth and Dan on bill C-51, but also brought up wanting more accountability and truth with reasonably affordable education for Canadians.

Both Cindy and Janet were heavily into making steps toward a more sustainable Canada, with a clean environment, and addressing climate change as a real issue that we need to rectify. Very poignantly put by Cindy, “Will our society now start to take [climate change] seriously, and start to clean up our own mess? I naturally want a happy life for my kids, and I want the politicians to think ahead and give a damn.”

Sue brought up some great points about how we should be looking at a person’s values, and someone who will govern with a backbone in factual, comprehensive data. “I want real comprehensive data available from Stats Can so people can make good strategic decisions to meet the needs of the citizens.”

Mike and Elfie were left a little bitter about the election and just wanted some change.


What’s your take? Did any of our Facebook members hit the nail on the head for you? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook page. Also test your political knowledge with our two quizzes: Who Said It? Political Figure vs Real Housewife or Who’s Slogan Is It? Canadian Political Party or Fast Food Chain.