Popular Pet Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, and why not let your pet into the fun too?

The kids and grandkids are busy dreaming up Halloween costumes, but what about the furry family members? Here, we round up some great ideas for your pampered pet come October 31.


There seems to be a consensus that food costumes are infinitely funnier when worn by pets. Maybe it’s because of the famous Taco Bell Chihuahua or because of their unique size, but food costumes remain a staple in pet costumes, particularly for dogs.

Pumpkins rein supreme not just for babies but also for pets because of their small roundish size. The festive look is fun and super cute on any pet, and it works well year after year.

‘Hot dogs’ tend to work well on pups, as their long shape lends perfectly to the ‘meat’ of the hot dog. Tacos similarly work well because of their shape (and of course, because of the Taco Bell pooch).


Fanciful costumes seem to be made for felines, considering their sometimes princess-like demeanor! Don your cat in a sweet princess or a bride costume with a full-on puffy dress, or find your inspiration from a fairytale character like Rapunzel or Little Red Riding Hood.


Although not really scary once on your adorable pooch, frightful costumes are the mainstay of Halloween and there are a lot of fun choices for your pet, such as witches, spiders, devils and Dracula.

A few personal favourites are the skeleton costume, as it highlights the interesting skeletal structure in your pet, and the rarely seen three-headed dog, which might be hard to find for your dog’s specific breed, but it’s worth the search for the shock value it provides.


In general, all pet costumes are funny, if only for the novelty of seeing your dog or cat all dressed up — but some really manage to make everyone laugh.

Along with the food costumes, which tend to be hilarious, dressing your pet as another kind of animal can also be fun. Some of the best out there include lions (all you really need to find is a realistic mane for their neck), bees, frogs, pigs, zebras and even giraffes.


The superhero theme remains a popular choice among many pet parents. Think of seeing your cool canine dressed up as Superman, Spiderman, Batman and even Wonder Woman. The logos are instantly recognizable so kids will love seeing their pets in costume as much as adults do!

Are you planning to dress up your pet this Halloween? Tell us in the comments.