Don’t trust your health to Dr. Google….

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If you’re looking for reliable, evidence-based health information to help you age well, the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal is a unique and highly beneficial online resource. As we increasingly turn to the web for health-related inquiries, it’s more important than ever to consider the credibility of the information we’re finding online.

“There are many websites that deal with health and aging, but what sets the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal apart, is the emphasis on using the latest scientific evidence to provide credible insights on healthy aging,” says Dr. Anthony Levinson, who leads the Portal’s design, development and administration at McMaster University.

The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal leverages the University’s three world-class research databases (traditionally referenced by public health professionals, clinicians and policymakers) to provide high-quality, easy-to-understand information to the public.

The Portal features three distinct types of content: the very popular Blog Posts about hot topics and prevalent seniors’ health conditions; Web Resource Ratings, which help assess the quality of free online health information based on a 5-star rating system; and Evidence Summaries, which outline – in plain language – the key messages from recent health research.

Want the latest information on arthritis, menopause or dementia treatment options? Curious what the most recent research evidence tells us about nutrition, exercise and heart disease? Looking for tips to enjoy a long and healthy retirement? The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal helps you sort through the overwhelming amount of information available online, to help you make evidence-informed health decisions and inspired lifestyle changes.

“We hope we can become the sensible go-to place,” says Levinson. “Don’t just type your health question into Google. Go to the Portal.”

Visit – your health will thank you!