The New Rapid Cooling Mist by Physicool

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Physicool’s new Rapid Cooling Mist provides instant cooling and long lasting relief from hot flashes and night sweats. The mist also calms and hydrates the skin, reducing irritation and redness.

Hot Flashes

75% of women suffer from hot flashes during menopause. The primary cause of a hot flash is the reduced level of the hormone estrogen in the body. The widely accepted theory is that this reduction in estrogen affects the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that regulates body temperature. When the hypothalamus gets confused, it thinks the body is overheating. This causes the heat rate to increase, the blood vessels in the skin swell, and activates the sweat glands. The sudden increase in blood flow to the skin causes a rapid increase in skin temperature, resulting in what is known as a hot flash (also known as hot flushes in some countries). Cancer or cancer treatments can also trigger hot flashes and night sweats.

Hot flash symptoms

Hot flashes vary in terms of intensity and duration. Some can be spontaneous episodes of intense heat, others can be longer periods of sweating. Hot flashes commonly start in the chest and face, but can result in heat waves affecting the entire body. Frequency varies enormously, some women suffer from hot flashes on a daily basis while others can go for weeks without. Hot flashes that strike at night are known as night sweats. The overall period of time that women suffer from hot flashes also varies enormously, anything from six months to ten or more years. For most women, a couple of years is typical.

Managing hot flashes

There are a number of known triggers that can be avoided – hot and spicy food and drink, smoking cigarettes, overconsumption of alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Other triggers include warm environments and heat sources, stress, anxiety and diet pills.

Simple tips to manage hot flashes include keeping the ambient environment cool, especially the bedroom, wearing light layers of clothes with natural fibres, drinking plenty of water, regular exercise, and relaxation techniques (deep and slow breathing exercises).

Physicool’s Cooling Mist

The Rapid Cooling Mist quickly draws the excess heat, generated by a hot flash, away from the skin. This results in instant, long lasting relief from the heat and discomfort. Rapid evaporation technology, using evaporating alcohols, results in a much faster, greater drop in skin temperature compared to water evaporation alone. The mist also calms and hydrates the skin, reducing irritation and redness.

When hot flashes strike, the need for relief is sudden and immediate. The skin quickly becomes hot and irritated, and this is usually accompanied with redness and sweating. The Rapid Cooling Mist can always be kept close to hand, allowing quick response to the speed at which a hot flash develops. There is a large bottle available, designed to be kept at home or at work, and a compact bottle, designed for use when out and about.

The Cooling Mist is most effective when applied to uncovered skin. This is usually the upper chest and neck and allows the mist to evaporate from the skin surface. The high rate at which heat energy is drawn away from the skin surface results in long lasting relief from a hot flash. The mist also hydrates the skin, resulting in relief from irritation. The effectiveness of the mist, and the quick and discreet application process, gives peace of mind from the occurrence of hot flashes.

What our customers say

“It was very effective, within seconds the hot flash was gone” Linda – Barrie, Ontario

“BRILLIANT! It really works, and is a very handy size to carry in your handbag” Deborah – Toronto, Ontario

“I have used it a few times, and am amazed at the fast acting relief it provides” Jane – Innisfil, Ontario

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