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Manufactured as a CLASS 1 Medical Device, The Medox Magic Belt® will help you lose weight, eliminate chronic back pain, and improve your energy level.

“The belt really does work. I have lost about 7 pounds, but the inches have melted around my mid-section. Wearing this belt helps to remind me to stand tall and erect. I have had compliments on my posture. Thanks for an easy way to look better and feel better!”

Jan V.

Ann C. Langbroek-Bezemer

This designer belt can be worn by both men and women and is made of 100% Genuine Leather. Simply put on the Medox Magic Belt® when getting dressed each morning, do your normal day’s activities, then take it off at bedtime. The Medox Magic Belt®  gives you a “work out” and lets you carry around from 3.7 – 13 lbs. of extra weight providing you with a “workout” without you even realizing it.

Reducing even 10% of body fat can have a dramatic effect on a person’s body shape and health.

The majority of the weight loss industry is focused on dietary control such as calorie counting and changing the ratios and quantities of protein, carbohydrates and fat, or medically managed supervision of blood chemistry. On the surface, weight loss seems to be a desirable goal for health and esthetic reasons. The problem with dietary weight loss is loss of protein (muscle) as well as fat. Compare that approach to that of sustained weight bearing exercise, which removes fat and increases muscle.

“After 2 months I am down 10 lb. and lost 3 inches off of my waist and 3 inches off of my hips and 4 inches off of the rest of my body. I feel WAY better & have more energy.”

Ann C. Langbroek-Bezemer

Wearing The Medox Magic Belt® for only 4 hours a day while you are on your feet during normal activity helps you burn extra calories.

To increase your metabolism you need to lose fat and gain lean muscle. Building muscle helps you burn more calories, improve appearance and build confidence. In addition to body fat loss, you will experience improvement in leg and trunk muscle tone, strength and endurance, improved stability, more energy, as well as less tension, stress and fatigue. Overweight people can lose fat and inches, while underweight individuals can gain muscle weight – all from the same product!

There are Also Additional Major Benefits of the Medox Magic Belt®

Spinal Pain Reduction

The Medox Magic Belt® relieves spinal pain by helping to straighten the spine. The bulk of the weight on the belt is located towards the rear of the wearer, which lifts up the front of the pelvis. The result is relief or elimination of chronic back pain for most people.

Posture Correction

Among the many benefits of the Medox Magic Belt® is the ability to completely or partially correct the wearer’s spinal posture using the gravitational forces produced by the weights hidden inside the belt. The change in this pelvic tilt causes a kinetic chain of positive functional changes to occur from the feet right up to the base of the skull.

Osteoporosis, Osteopenia and Hip Fracture Risk Reduction

The Medox Magic Belt® is considered to be the most effective method available to increase bone mineral density, without any negative medical side effects. This increase in bone density happens exactly at the location most at risk of fracture when diagnosed with osteoporosis – the hip, thus reducing the risk of hip fracture. A person on their feet for 4 hours a day while wearing a Medox Magic Belt® is actually strengthening their femurs for over 120 hours a month!

Knee Pain Reduction

Want to be able to ambulate and enjoy your later years? Wearing a Medox Magic Belt® every day helps strengthen your leg muscles and knees. However, many people who rely on canes and walkers have used this product and found that they no longer need their assistance devices due to their improved gait stability.

Wearing the Medox Magic Belt® for only 4 hours a day, over a week’s time, while standing will actually provide you a better workout than doing three 90 minute leg press exercises at the gym!