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With great festivity comes great post-holiday responsibility.  You’ve enjoyed and indulged, but now it’s time to start anew.  Even though this New Year’s resolution is based on the same premise as every other – to lose a bit of weight, to cleanse and to detox, you’ve vowed to do it a bit different this time around: the natural and healthy way, and that is perhaps the greatest resolution of all.

Specially crafted with this in mind is the The Weight Loss Plan tea trio, exclusive to the CitizenTea wellness line.  This 6-week teatox program involves adding herbal tea to your daily diet to help naturally free your body of toxins, detox your internal organs and burn calories and fat.


The perfect way to kick-start your weight loss and detox goal is with a clean slate.  Cleanse your digestive tract of all the savory holiday meals and decadent desserts with Cleansing tea.  Exclusive to the CitizenTea wellness line, this herbal tea contains Senna leaf, a gentle all-natural laxative that will promote healthy movements when you need it most.  Providing relief from constipation or to eliminate toxins and waste from your intestinal tract, Senna leaf works within 6-8 hours of consumption.  Bay leaf works to promote healthy digestion and break down toxins in the body, while stinging nettle will promote the excretion of urine, ultimately helping the body eliminate waste and support the process of inner cleansing.  Mint, lemongrass and ginger offer a cool burst and clean finish to this tea, leaving you feeling refreshed and clean from the inside out.  This tea is designed to be used 1-2 times a week, or on those days when you feel like you need it most.  Using this tea daily may encourage your bowels to be lazy since they’ve had such great help!

Inner Harmony

Perhaps the most important (and arguably most difficult) body part to detox of all, the mind.  Specifically blended with this in mind, CitizenTea offers Inner Harmony.  An award-winning tea blended with licorice root, an herb known for relieving stress, and peppermint, a plant known to fight infection and boost the immune system, Inner Harmony will help keep your mind and body in perfect equilibrium. Floral notes of camomile and lavender soothe you into a harmoniously calm state, making it easier for you to stay focused and motivated to stick to your goals this new year.

Slim and Slender

Topping your New Year’s resolution get-fit list is the usual: lose a few pounds.  Slim and Slender is blended with nature’s best fat and calorie-burning ingredients to help shed those pesky pounds.  Green mate works to suppress appetite and boost energy, which is the perfect all-natural pre-gym tonic.  King of Pu Erh, bold and earthy in taste has been regarded as one of the best fat burning remedies around, and will work to burn calories after consumption.  Beetroot offers a high source of fiber, and a solution to your bloating and swelling, all while cleansing your liver – so drop the guilt and the pounds from that glass of wine last night!

Your all-natural 6-week detox and weight loss program begins at  Shop now and receive 25% off at checkout when you type in promo code WELLNESS.