Looking to detox? Try CitizenTea’s dollar-a-day Daily Detox!

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So there have been plenty of over-indulgences over the holidays (nibble nibble, gulp gulp) and while you don’t regret that extra bite of pie for one second, your body is suggesting otherwise.  Energy is at an all-time low and that new tiny tire around your waist isn’t helping.  Usually we lean on our inbuilt system to help eliminate extra waste and free toxins, although around this time of year, it could use a little nudge.

Specially crafted with this in mind is the Daily Detox tea trio, exclusive to the CitizenTea wellness line.  This 30-day teatox program involves adding 3 cups of tea a day to your existing diet to help naturally free your body of toxins and restore you to a pure, balanced state.

Detox Morning

Replace your a.m. latte with Detox Morning.  Green tea will help give you a tiny boost in energy, while the chili will work to increase your internal temperature, stimulate blood flow and promote circulation through the heart, arteries and nerves. Lemongrass and peppermint offer a cool, refreshing burst while providing your body with the right antioxidants to protect you against free radicals and fight infection.  This blend is the easiest way and most natural way to add some pep in your step before noon.

Detox Afternoon

Post-lunch sip on Detox Afternoon.  Peppermint works to naturally promote digestion, while stinging nettle works to promote urination, relieving you of bloating and swelling and supporting the process of inner cleansing.  Orange peel works to fight free radicals, offering a pop of vitamin-C and a refreshing burst of citrus to push you through the mid-day hump.

Detox Evening

At night, cleanse the most important organ of all – your mind.  Let the gentle fusion of rose petals and licorice root relieve stress and calm anxiety and allow you to psychologically prepare for a restful recharge.  Mallow blossoms will work to reduce inflammation, and swelling, relieving you from any remaining bloating you may have, while peppermint will help remove any excess mucous from your digestive tract.  The ultimate nighttime tonic, let this blend detox you in both mind and body while you sleep.

Your 30-day all-natural detox begins at www.citizentea.com.  Shop now and receive 25% off at checkout when you type in coupon code WELLNESS.