Looking for a natural wellness plan? Try CitizenTea’s Whole Day Plan!

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It’s that time of year again, folks.  As the holiday season approaches its official end, you mentally prepare to close this year (along with all your over-indulgences in it) and begin a new journey.  A new year means a new groove, and herbal teas are the perfect remedy to help you take those first steps to a lighter, brighter and happier you.  Exclusive to the CitizenTea wellness line, this Whole Day Plan is specially crafted to help carry you through the day, offering an Energy Booster in the morning, a digestive After Lunch, and an all natural-way to Sleep Well through the night.

By adding 3 cups of tea a day to your existing diet, you can help your body achieve inner harmony while supporting you on your journey to a bettered lifestyle.

Energy Booster

Nothing makes it harder to get motivated for the day than the dark, cold mornings of January.  Perfect for your New Year morning routine is the CitizenTea favourite, Energy Booster. As a base, this tea contains green mate, which is a natural stimulant that offers a long and steady boost of energy without the “caffeine crash”. Cool peppermint awakens your senses, while ginkgo increases blood supply, improves circulation and enhances cognitive function and memory. Vegetal, fresh and slightly grassy, this revitalizing blend offers an extra energy boost when you need it most.

After Lunch

Nestled somewhere within any new wellness plan is the goal of shedding some calories, ridding bloating, and improving digestion.  Specially blended with this in mind is CitizenTea’s exclusive After Lunch. Let lemon balm work to help relax your intestinal tract, and licorice root will settle stomach inflammation and control gas. Mild and natural camomile, with peppery fennel and fresh rosemary offer a fusion of vegetal flavours to calm your stomach and aid in after lunch digestion.

Sleep Well

Topping your New Year’s resolution get-fit list is the obvious: get more sleep.  Sleep Well contains lemon balm, an herb known to relax the nervous system and help facilitate the relaxation of muscles, easing your nerves and helping you calm down. Rooibos works to relieve stress and anxiety, while peppermint offers a light finish. Every journey to wellness begins with a quality night’s sleep, and Sleep Well is blended just for that.

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