Beat the banks and get 
5% Guaranteed Income for Life!


How safe is your retirement income? The #1 worry for most retirees is “Will our retirement income last as long as we do?”

Many retirees have lost trust and confidence in the marketing propaganda of Wall Street and Bay Street. Retirees are sceptical and they are looking for guarantees and safety to grow and preserve their hard-earned capital without putting their life savings at any further risk.

The stock markets reached record highs in 2016? Why? The economy is struggling to recover. Real unemployment remains high. Personal debt and government debt are at record levels. There are terrorist threats around the world. Many wealthy experts are predicting another inevitable stock market correction. What is going on? Don’t forget the tremendous bull market that led up to the global economic collapse of 2008-09.

Many retirees desperately want to get off the investment roller coaster and they are looking for …

  • Modest returns – that produce more than the historical low yields of the bond market and the meek returns from high interest savings accounts, Savings Bonds or GICs.
  • Guarantees – and greater security than the volatile stock markets and mutual funds.
  • Cash Flow – that provides consistent and guaranteed monthly returns for life.

Canadians have parked over $100 Billion into so called “safe” investments …

  • GICs are paying all-time low interest rates
  • Bonds are providing all-time low yields
  • Money Markets and Treasury Bills are also at all-time low rates.

Market volatility is here to stay in the stock market and mutual funds. The global economy and global politics will ensure that market volatility is here to stay!

So what is the solution?

If you are averse to risk, where can you safely invest a portion of your portfolio with 100% guarantees, zero risk, estate protection, and peace of mind?

Most retirees are looking for guarantees because they simply cannot afford to speculate or gamble with their retirement.

Look how easy it is to go from LOW GIC rates to 5% Guaranteed for Life! You can earn 5% per year during your pre-retirement accumulation years and you will receive 5% Guaranteed Income for Life during your retirement years. If the markets do well, you may even get more than 5%. If the markets do poorly, your Guaranteed Income for Life will NEVER decrease, no matter how poor the economy is or how bad the markets get!

You will NEVER outlive your money. And the market value of your principal is 100% liquid at all times and can be left to your beneficiaries upon your death.

Your investment is guaranteed by one of the largest financial institutions in Canada!

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • Will your retirement savings last as long as you will?
  • Do you know how much retirement income you will receive each year?
  • Are your retirement savings Guaranteed against another market downturn?
  • Are your “safe” investments giving you 5% Guaranteed Income for Life?

Peter Lantos offers you over 35 years of expertise and integrity to look after your financial health. Peter is an independent investment broker licensed in Ontario. He can be reached at 844 416 6358 (Toll Free) … Click Here For More Information