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Fuego Diablo delivers premium steak right to your door

A company that hand-selects its Gold and Black Label Angus Beef from the most highly regarded ranches in Texas, Colorado and Alberta, and sources premium Wagyu from both Idaho and Japan might just be a carnivore’s dream come true. But for Fuego Diablo, it’s about turning carnivores into connoisseurs and bringing the kind of beef that’s usually only available in high-end steak houses right to your front door.

It comes at a cost – Fuego Diablo beef isn’t cheap, with just one Japanese Wagyu striploin coming in at $154.98. But that’s actually the point. Sure, you can buy a cheaper steak at the grocery store, but Fuego Diablo’s reputation is about providing legendary taste, not the lowest price. Premium commands a premium price, and according to the company, Fuego Diablo prices are competitive with those selling the same high-quality grades of beef. But if you ask founder Matthew MacQuarrie, it’s about more than just steak. It’s about sharing moments with family and friends, and disconnecting from all that doesn’t matter to reconnect with everything that does. He enjoys the ritual of firing up the BBQ and having a cold beer while the temperature climbs. But, perhaps more than anything, he loves seeing his friends and family experience a Fuego Diablo steak for the very first time.

Fuego Diablo is, claims MacQuarrie, for those who work hard and love good steak. And those hard-working steak lovers don’t have to leave home to get it. Visit the Zoomer General Store to order your exclusive Fuego Diablo Zoomer Crate for the special Zoomer price of just $ 209.95 including next day shipping. You’ll get two 6oz Gold Label Filet Mignon, two 11oz Black Label Boneless Striploin Steaks, two 14oz Gold Label Bone-in Ribeye Steaks, and two 6oz Black Label Wagyu patties – packing and shipping included.

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