How to unveil your inner youth

Enhance your natural beauty with Illumalift™

Aging beautifully isn’t about erasing the years; it’s about enhancing the beauty you already have no matter how old you are. Illumalift™ is the first face brightener and primer with active ingredients that can instantly make you look younger. It helps to reveal the best natural version of you.

While studies by Sederma have shown that skin looks 2 years younger with just one month of use, founder Sandra Milligan actually created Illumalift to address the needs of people who want to look youthful and fresh without looking heavily made up.

Since you’re wearing makeup every day, it only makes sense to add active ingredients like Matrixyl 3000 and Vitamin E, that are good for you,” says Milligan. “Illumalift allows your skin to look fresh and dewy, not flat and lifeless like foundation and concealers can. We have combined anti-aging and makeup to simplify your daily beauty routine.”

Beauty is about feeling good about yourself and using products that are good for you inside and out.

So what will Illumalift actually do for your skin? The list of benefits is impressive including concealing skin imperfections, softening the appearance of dark folds, covering sunspots, camouflaging broken capillaries, repairing sun-related skin damage, hydrating the skin, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Illumalift’s oil-free brightening cream followed by their cream foundation is all it takes to get a fresh, flawless glow. In fact users rave about how lightweight these products are, how simple they are to use, and how well they do what they claim to do.

We can’t halt the passage of time, but with products like Illumalift we can unveil our inner youth and look beautiful at any age.

Illumalift brightening cream plus cream foundation in light, medium or dark retails for $46.75.

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