10 Questions For Every Decade Of Your Life

Viagra or Cialis? Am I too old for denim? Will I outlive Prince Philip? Every decade comes with its own unique set of questions…

The 40s:

1. Sore throat or mumps?
2. Affair or monogamy?
3. Personal rejuvenation or house renovation?
4. Wax or hair?
5. Cell phones for preteens?
6. Bacon or no bacon?
7. Sophie, Ivanka, Melania, Kate, or Meghan?
8. HRT for meno or no?
9. Cycle in the city or only on the trails?
10. Rihanna or Lady Gaga?

The 50s:

1. What would Angela Merkel do?
2. Is it a heart attack?
3. Too old for leggings?
4. Do I do something about the grey?
5. Too old to shop at Zara?
6. Whatever happened to Pam Dawber?
7. Should I get the shingles vaccine?
8. Viagra or Cialis?
9. Spinning or rowing?
10. Colonoscopy?

The 60s:

1. Is it cancer?
2. Too old for a backpack?
3. Retire or keep working?
4. Caribbean or Portugal?
5. Who played Ben Casey?
6. Quantity or quality?
7. Eliminate sugar or red meat?
8. Botox or something in a bottle?
9. Sell the motorcycle or buy one?
10. How did all the data get used up?

The 70s:

1. Does this count as sex?
2. Why won’t OHIP pay for the shingles vaccine?
3. Knee replacement or marijuana?
4. Implant or bridge?
5. Too old to get a puppy?
6. Where is Lloyd Robertson now?
7. match.com or ourtime.com?
8. Take the grandkids to Disneyworld or spend the money at a spa?
9. Sell and rent or stay put?
10. Memoir or novel?

The 80s:
1. Too old for denim?
2. Dance at weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs or stay at the table?
3. Keep saving or spend big?
4. Maintain the blonde or go grey?
5. Separate beds or separate rooms?
6. Does it need to be biopsied?
7. Cruise or Florida?
8. Drink less or more?
9. Take it easy or push to the max?
10. Stop driving or wait ’til the license is taken?

The 90s:

1. Why shouldn’t I?
2. Will I outlive Prince Philip?
3. Can I smash someone’s face in if they call me sweetie?
4. How long do I have?
5. Use a wheelchair at the airport or just go slow?
6. Write the obituary or let someone else?
7. Reconcile or take the grudge to eternity?
8. What would Clement Attlee do?
9. Give it away or leave it for the will?
10. Stay or go?