7 Classic Movie Lines You’ve (Likely) Misquoted All These Years

From “Luke, I am your father” to “You feelin’ lucky punk,” here’s 7 Classic Movie quotes you won’t believe you’ve (probably) been saying wrong.

Every once and a while, a perfect set of circumstances arise that allow you to deliver that favourite classic movie line you’ve been waiting to use.

But what if that quote you delivered so confidently wasn’t right? Over time, some of the most iconic movie lines have been simplified by movie-goers or misquoted by other films, resulting in a mass misremembering of the original. For example, if you’ve ever said “Luke, I am your father,” you’ve perpetuated one of the most famous misquotes of all time.

Thankfully, it’s not too late to restore these gems to their original quality.

Here, 7 classic movie lines you’ve probably misquoted and how to say them right.