Find the Destination Your
Heart Desires With Biometrics


At AccorHotels, we believe luxury – and loyalty – is about knowing what our guests want even before they do. So we did just that, by reading their minds through a series of biometric tests. is the world’s first online biometric experience for destination planning. It was built to side-step the rational decision-making of travel planning and get to the heart of your true desires. Afterall, the heart wants what it wants – this is simply our way to listen.

It all starts with you and a series of rapid-fire image selection tests. Designed to favour impulsive rather than rational decisions to give us a greater understanding of you. By understanding the type of experience you’re searching for, we can suggest experiences that will bring you the most fulfilment during your stay. This is how every destination planning journey should begin. examines your preferences on 6 axes. We start with simple choices like climate, affinity for a particular aesthetic style, how stimulating or adventurous you want your trip to be, or conversely how serene. Then we look deeper, measuring the more complex emotional motivators you’re looking for in your life – like a need for solitude and personal reflection, immersion and the energy of others, or time for family or romantic reconnection. Your priorities are ever changing. Seeker aims to read them in the moment.

Whether it’s a luxurious spa indulgence, a vibrant and immersive cultural adventure, a family friendly getaway, or a private romantic weekend, we’ll find the luxury property that best fulfills what you’re seeking.

Each outcome is as unique as our guests, and the properties suggested correlate directly to you, like your destination fingerprint. By offering you more personal, thoughtful, insightful, and meaningful suggestions, you’ll surely find better suited destinations that lead to more fulfilling memories.

Although we aim to show you bespoke results well suited to you, it wouldn’t be our version of luxury if we didn’t go one step further. Our suggestions are designed to broaden your destination horizons by suggesting properties in new destinations that you may never have considered yourself. The world truly is your oyster.

So what are you waiting for. Try our online experience and learn more about what your heart desires at